How CBD Changed My Life

CBD changed my life. It changed my life for the better and I want to share the benefits with you! Click here to read more #CBD #CBDlife #CBDchangedmylife #CBDistillery


I’ve written a bit about CBD on this blog, but this is going to be my testament towards CBD and how helpful it’s been for me in the long run.

CBD most definitely changed my life.

Anyone who’s met me in real life knows that I’m a giant ball of anxiety. I work on that every year and get closer to being more “normal” and not give off such anxious vibes, and CBD has made a big impact on that.



4 Mind Blowing Ways to Incorporate CBD Into Your Self Care

CBD is such a great thing to add to your self care routine! Click here to see my 4 mindbowing ways to incorporate CBD into your self care routine #CBD #CBDselfcare #CBDskincare


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a great way to relax and chill out. It’s also a great thing to incorporate into your self care routine!

What’s better than a self care routine?

A self care routine that calms you, of course!

So, what are my mind blowing ways to incorporate CBD into your self care routine? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.



What REALLY Is CBD?: Dismissing the Stigma


There’s a stigma against CBD or cannabidiol.

I recently realized just how bad it went when I was told my Pinterest board for my CBD posts was against their guidelines.

How crazy is that!?

(Granted, that’s because they consider it medical advice, which I think is kind of bs, but whatever…)

To me that would be like banning alcohol content. Both are completely legal, but only one has a stigma against it.

So, what REALLY is CBD?



Funky Farms Gelato: Review

I’m back again with another CBD review!

I’ve been sucking on my CBD vape for the past few months because unemployment will really do that to a person. It’s been a wild ride, especially after I bought a cart at a local vape store that I felt a bit fishy about that turned out to be right. I found some reviews online that, while completely anecdotal, did not spell good things.

And between a USPS mishap and me running out of juice in my vape cart, I ran to my local vape store (Artisan Vape Shop) to get me a new cart and some gummies to tie me over.

I found myself with the options of two Funky Farms flavored carts: Gelato and Mint Chocolate.

This was a simple choice as I hate mint!

So how does this product hold up compared to some of the others I’ve encountered?

You’ll have to keep reading to find out.



Why You Should Use Recruiting During Your Next Job Search

I know recruiting gets a bad rap because there are places out there that don’t care, barely communicate with you, and some places even alter your resume just to get a win. But not all recruiters and recruiting companies are bad. In fact, there are places out there that care about their consultants and prospective consultants almost as much as they do their own families.

I used to work for one of those companies. We treated out consultants very highly and because we were such a small company we were able to have a more one-on-one relationship with everyone.

So, why should you use a recruiting company during your next job search? Keep reading to find out.




How to Keep Your Sanity While Job Searching

How do you keep your sanity while job searching? There are a few ways to keep yourself from burning out while applying and searching for jobs. Click here. #jobsearch #jobsearchsanity #unemployed #unemployment

Job searching when you’re employed can be hard enough, but job searching while unemployed can be soul crushing. If you don’t have an in-demand skill set, it can be heartbreaking. You apply and apply and get nothing but rejections or spam emails in response.

It really can be draining to your sanity when you’re job searching when you put in all this effort and get little to nothing out of it.

So, what do you do to keep your sanity while job searching? Keep reading to find out.



SunMed Disposable Cart: Watermelon OG Review

New CBD cart, new review!

This time I ran out of my CBDistillery carts and they sadly no longer sell them, only the juice, so I had to find a new place to get my CBD cartridges from.

I took a look over at Your CBD Store in Bristol, CT. They sell exclusively SunMed products. After accidentally buying a sketchy cart (definitely look up your brands before you buy!!) I decided to give this one a go.



15 Day Easy Fall Aesthetic Challenge


Looking to get your fall on?!

I’m compiling some of the best things to do in the fall that you can do either alone or in groups. Fall is my favorite season and I wish I could live in an area where it’s fall all the time.

It’s almost time for the weather to cool down and Dunkin Donut and Starbucks have officially made it pumpkin spice latte season, so why not get your fall on with this fall aesthetic challenge!




Why You’re Not in a Relationship Right Now

Why are you not in a relationship right now? There are plenty of reason why you're not in a relationship. Click here to read more.  #relationships #love #single #lmssblog


Being in a relationship is something most people tend to want at some point in their life. In fact, there are a lot of people who’s main goal in life is to become a mother or father, and that usually requires a relationship to happen.

However, there are going to be times in your life when you really, really want to be in a relationship but it just isn’t happening. There are many reasons why you’re not in a relationship right now, but these are the few that I’ve come across personally.



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