How to Relax When You Don’t Know How to Relax

Sometimes we just don't know how to relax. There can be a lot going on and we just can't turn our brains off. Click here to find out how to relax #relax #anxiety

I know, weird title, right? But hear me out.

Sometimes people with anxiety or those who are a little more high strung than others have the inability to relax. We literally don’t know how to relax because our bodies just won’t let us. Our brains won’t stop running and our bodies tense up. We just don’t know how to relax.

So what does one do when they don’t know how to relax?

Well, you have to figure out a few things and you need to have an open mind about it all. Doesn’t sound hard, but a lot of us who are ruled by anxiety and highly tense, that can be a big feat for us.



Brain Fog is Real and it’s a Pain in My Butt

Brain fog is a real thing. It's a symptom of my hypothyroidism and depression. And it's a real pain in my butt. Want to know more? Click here. #brainfog #depressionfog

Brain fog really is a pain in my ass. It’s a symptom of the hypothyroidism I have, and it usually pops up at times in my life where it’s the worst time to not be able to think clearly.

Like, right now. The world is in a bit of a panic and most people are working remotely. I was one of those people up until mid-April when I was let go. I didn’t really like working from home before and I definitely don’t like it now.

So what does this have to do with brain fog?

With the world kind of turning on its head, I’ve become a statistic of one who lost their job. Without things to do, my brain and mind wander. Right now it feels like a toddler with nothing to do. I want to do things, I want to have work to do! I tend to work better once I get going, and the easiest way to get going is if emails come in.

So right now I’m having a big brain fog moment. I can even feel it, like I have a cloud surrounding my head. It also doesn’t help that it’s smack in the beginning of allergy season. Except it’s currently snowing outside. Nothing makes sense anymore.



What I’m Going to Do After Quarantine

Quarantine has been one hell of a journey for me. In the start of it I lost my job, and I’ve been trying to deal with keeping myself occupied while also keeping my blog going. I’m still looking for a job, but in the mean time I have online t-shirts for sale as well as an etsy shop for my first ecourse with workbook. And not to forget my very first ebook that you can order off Amazon.

So I’ve been keeping myself busy but my depression has still reared its ugly head and made me feel like I’m not being productive enough. So, I’m very much looking for things to do once we’re allowed to go places again. I’m sure all of you are as well.



How Stardew Valley Got Me Through The Pandemic

Stardew Valley has been one of the main things keeping me going. My depression saved me from the virus, but Stardew Valley saved me from the pandemic. #stardewValley #stardew #pandemic #covid19


Not long before this whole pandemic changed the world, a friend recommended me a game called Stardew Valley. It’s a cute little game where you simulate owning and running a farm. It’s actually more fun than it sounds. You get to plant a variety of different crops, you can go mining in the local mine for resources to build things you need. You can purchase animals for added animal products… There’s a lot you can do in this little farm simulator.

But ever since I was laid off, Stardew has been one of the main things keeping me going. I wrote about how my depression may have saved me from the virus but not the pandemic. If that’s true, then Stardew Valley saved me from the pandemic.



Depression Saved Me From the Virus But Not the Pandemic

This entire virus pandemic has been crazy from the start. My journey with the virus started back in January when I first started hearing about things brewing over in China. My depression wasn’t too bad then, but I’m convinced it saved me from catching it.

However, once things made their way over to the US, my depression started to worsen. I was working remotely for my job for a few weeks, then ultimately was let go due to financial issues because no one’s hiring IT in the middle of the pandemic. I’m not afraid to admit that I cried like a baby when I heard that news. I called up my supervisor and just cried to her. I loved where I worked and was looking forward to going back into the office when everything was done and over with.

So, now I’m dealing with being unemployed during a pandemic. Thankfully, I do have my depression to thank for one thing, it definitely did save my from the virus. However, it didn’t save me from the pandemic.



I’m a Millennial Spinster and I Hate It

I'm a Millennial Spinster and I Hate It // I am a Millennial Spinster and I hate it. What's a millennial spinster? You'll have to click here to find out more! #millennial #spinster #millennialspinster #alone #foreveralone

I am a Millennial Spinster and I hate it.

What’s a millennial spinster? Well:


a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century


an unmarried woman, typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage.

I’m someone entering their 30s with no relationship in sight. And it hasn’t been for lack of trying. I’ve been officially single since 2010 when I broke up with my then boyfriend when I was in college. I’ve been on dating apps and meeting people with no luck at all. I feel I’m destined to die alone.



Glow Up Routine to Feel Like a Queen

Want to feel like q princes of queen? Try following our glow up queen routine so you're in the best shape you can be! Click here to read more #glowup #glowupqueen


Everyone wants to feel like a princess or queen every now and again, right? What if I told you that you could feel like part of the royal family by doing a few things every day, week, or month? What if I told you you don’t even need to spend hundreds of dollars on lavish treatments or products??

Want to be the next glow up queen? Follow these steps.



It’s Okay to Cut People Out of Your Life

Sometimes there are people in our lives that we wish weren't. When that happens we have to cut them off or limit contact. Click here to read more #cutoff #toxicpeople #toxicrelationships #relationships

Sometimes there’s a person or people who you really just need to cut out of your life. They can be a toxic person to you, constantly bring you down, take more than they give, and/or overstep boundaries you’ve created or tried to create.

It’s okay to cut these people out of your life. In fact, you probably should.

If someone isn’t being a good person to you, or they’re draining you and you can’t take it anymore, it’s much better to cut them off than waiting for things to go back to normal. They won’t, believe me. 

I spent years waiting for that normal to come and it never did. It still hasn’t, but I now have control over things better. I’m not being pushed around any more.

 It might hurt a little to cut someone out of your life, but it’s going to be the best thing for you.



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