TJ Maxx Mini Clearance Haul: What I Got

TJ Maxx Mini Clearance Haul: What I Got

TJ Maxx Mini Clearance Haul_ What I Got

As a relatively frugal post-grad, finding things on sale or clearance is my first priority when shopping for things like clothes, and beauty, home, and wellness products. There’s a TJ Maxx down the road from my apartment and I love shopping the clearance section for new beauty products. Recently I hit up TJ Maxx because I needed some more sleep related essential oils for my diffuser. I fell into the same trap I always do of finding things I didn’t intend on buying, but didn’t want to pass up due to the price.

So here’s what I bought.

Bluzen Oil Diffuser: $16 clearance


I love my oil diffuser at home. I use it every night with Nature Love “sleep” oil. I wanted to have the same experience at work, so I found this little guy on sale for $16. The original price was $24.99 and was marked down to $20, then $16.

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Ello Glass Water Bottle: $7.99


This is the only purchase I made that was full price. I have another of the same water bottle, but I wanted a second one because I like being able to switch them out to clean them. I prefer these over ones with straws because the straws and parts that connect it are hard to clean. And I’ve noticed that I drink far more water with these bottles.

These normally go for $14.99


TJ Maxx Mini Clearance Haul_ What I Got (1)


No. 7 Limited Edition Illuminating Palette: $4


This was a bit of a miss. Why? Well, because the case was still taped together, I thought everything was okay with it. Unfortunately, when I got it home, I noticed that one of the three colors was completely missing. Looks like it must have broken and fell out at some point. The other two colors were spotless.

Totally disregard my finger prints from swatching!

I’ve found this to be $10-25

Elle Decor Embossed Silky Soft Blanket (King): $16


I currently have a queen sized bed but no comforter for it. I’ve been using my twin ones that only cover the top surface area since I moved in to my apartment in August. Comforters are expensive, especially queen sized ones, so I’ve been putting off buying one for the longest time. I found this in the clearance section for $16 and was sold. It’s not quite a comforter or duvet, but it works for me. I overheat at night so using this with a few throw blankets is great.

I’ve found this to be $34.99 – 49.99

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Nature Love Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends Set: $8.00


I LOVE the sleep blend! I used up my last bottle so quick I needed to head out and find more in maybe a month of continuous use. However, it’s because the scent of the oil isn’t very potent. As the Amazon reviews for this product will tell you, they’re not 100% essential oil. I haven’t bought any pure oils for diffusing yet, but I can only assume based on how fragrant tea tree oil is, a basic lavender oil would last me longer.

Regardless, I love the sleep and de-stress anyway. I wasn’t looking for 100% essential oils, just something that smelled nice in my diffuser. This was originally listed at $9.99 and marked down to $8.00 in clearance.

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What do you think of my haul? Have you gotten something amazing on clearance? Let me know in the comments!

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