How to Deal with Mistakes and Grow From Them

How to Deal with Mistakes and Grow From Them

How to Deal with Mistakes and Grow From Them


Regrets happen. We all do things we wish we hadn’t done or said. Maybe you were angry and said something you really didn’t mean in the heat of the moment. Maybe you wish you had taken advantage of an offer in college that you passed up. Whatever it is, regret happens. I’ve been through my fair share of regrets, but I wouldn’t change them for a better outcome because they’ve helped me become who I am today.


Understand Your Mistakes

This was something I had a problem learning from. I wrote a post about my regrets in college with the main issue back then being my drinking. As someone who has an addictive personality (aka it seems far easier for me to become addicted or obsessed with things) it was all too easy to get comfortable with copious amounts of alcohol on the weekends.

One of the biggest reasons I drank, looking back now, was that on average my anxiety ruled my life. I was constantly second guessing myself, making even simple decisions as to start a conversation or even saying something within a conversation nerve wracking. Once I started getting a buzz the initial fears of the more “trivial” things went away. I  had no problem talking to people, doing things I’d be too afraid to do sober. I would even catch myself thinking “I would never do this normally”.

My problem happened when I started to enjoy the liberation from my anxiety a little too much. I started drinking more because it was taking more to feel that freedom from my anxiety. Soon drunken nights turned to blacking out and not remembering most of what happened. It turned into me having to hear from others what happened the night before because I was that drunk.

But once I got to that point I didn’t want to stop drinking, even with the consequences. It took most of college and about three years afterwards to finally give up alcohol, and even then it was due to a traumatic event. Maybe one day I’ll write about it.


Give Yourself a Second Chance

Giving yourself a second chance is the most important part of growing as a person. With all the mistakes I’ve made if I hadn’t given myself second or even third chances at things, I would be a grumpy ball of negative sitting in the corner of my apartment, mad at the world.

In order to move on from your mistake, you need to let go and forgive yourself. You can choose to understand and learn from the experience and move on, or you can give yourself shit for it for ages getting nowhere but to a faster life as a bitter person.

If every time I tried to quit drinking I just gave up and beat myself up about it I’d still be drinking. I had to understand fully that:

  1. I had a problem
  2. I needed to change
  3. I needed to want to change
  4. I had to forgive myself

Give yourself a break. You’re human and we all make mistakes. Some may have worse consequences than others, but think of every mistake as a learning experience.


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Learn From Your Mistakes

If there’s anything to come out of this it’s that you should take your mistakes and learn from them. I’ve finally learned that me and alcohol are not friends. Alcohol is actually that frenemy you have that is an absolute blast but will quickly backstab you once your guard is down. Alcohol will never be allowed in my life if I want to be healthy and happy. Granted, it’s taken a few failures at sobriety and a trauma to get there, but I’ve finally learned.

Your issue might not be as serious. It could be that you were mad from work and took it out on your partner when you got home. Was it wrong? Yes. Was there a consequence? Potentially. What do you do? You learn from that. You learn ways to channel your aggression from work into something positive, to not take things out on others, regardless of how intentional it was or not.



Now that you’ve understood your mistake, forgiven yourself for it, and have or are still learning from it, the next thing you have to do is grow. If you follow these steps you should be on your way to growing as a human being. But you also have to be open to change. If you aren’t open to change, you can’t take advantage of all of the things you’ve learned from your mistakes.

The morning I woke up realizing that I had to quit alcohol for good I hugged a bucket, covered in blankets in my bed wishing I could drink away the problems that my drinking caused. That’s when something inside me switched. It was like a light went on that said “You can’t do that. It’s not worth it. Look where this got you in the first place.”

I could have easily drank more to cover my pain. Sure, I knew I needed to change and knew that drinking wasn’t good for me, but I had to be open to the scary world of change in order to get my life together.


How to Deal with Mistakes and Grow From Them


Do you have any mistakes you’ve learned from? Want to share your journey? Let my know in the comments!


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