Organization Series: Managing Your Work Life

Organization Series: Managing Your Work Life

Organization Series: Managing Your Work Life

Work Life Organization

Your work life is something you have deal with for 8-12 hours, depending on your work day. You have a set amount of stuff to do with a designated time frame, which works out well because you can focus only on your work.

Things You Will Need: Calendar (electronic or paper), Planner, some form of reminder, to-do notepad

Make a to-do list

As soon as you get to your desk, before you check your email, make a list of things that need to be done (or if you’re like me and I need to read my email to determine what has to be done, switch things around). But the main point is to physically list somewhere what you need to get done for the day. Make a schedule of when you want things done by.


Schedule Meetings, Appointments, and Project Deadlines


Making sure you know when you’re needed to be places or when something important is due is second in line. Add these things to your to-do list if they happen that day. That way you know you want to get x,y, and z done before the staff meeting at 2pm.

Organization Series: Managing Your Work Life


Make Sure Everything Can Be Done


More often than not you’re going to want to get everything on your list done by the end of the day. That’s your end goal. But, if something happens where you can’t, don’t worry. Unless it’s super important, it most likely can wait until the morning. Burning yourself out for the sake of one more task just isn’t worth it. (At least IMO)


Make Time for Lunch!

Making sure you eat is incredibly beneficial to your work day! I know many co-workers who have powered through lunch and not realized it until right before they leave to go home. Skipping a meal is never a good option, especially when you’re more stressed, running around, and need the energy to keep you going.



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