Organization Series: Managing Your Home Life

Organization Series: Managing Your Home Life

Organization Series: Managing Your Home Life

Home Life Organization

You may want to put this stuff off as much as possible, but then one day you wake up and notice that small pile of clothes in the corner has now covered the whole floor. The dishes have piled up to the point where the sink isn’t functional anymore, and you have no desire to enter your bathroom for fear of what’s been growing in there. In the third part of this organization series, I lay out some tips for managing your home life.

Things You’ll Need: Weekly cleaning list, calendar, to-do list


Make Sure You Have the Time

Schedule time for specific tasks. Maybe Sundays are for laundry and Monday is when you take out the garbage. If you follow a schedule it makes it easier to get everything done. It also makes sure you can get everything you want done.

Cluttered Room = Cluttered Mind

When your room/apartment/office is a cluttered more often than not,  it makes it harder to think. Your mind tends to wander more, it’s harder to stay focused. Keeping a clean area can help you stay calmer and ease your mind.

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Don’t Give Up

Decluttering your home and getting things organized can seem like a daunting task. It can feel incredibly overwhelming at times if you’re surrounded by stuff you don’t know what to do with. The main thing is to not give up on it. Don’t just say “fuck it” and throw things in a junk drawer or pile everything up in a closet never to be opened up again. Keep at it.

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Take it in Small Sections

To piggyback off of the last point, don’t try and organize the whole house all at once. That’s bound to be overwhelming. Instead, start with a room, or a section or a room, or even just one drawer in a desk at a time. Breaking things down in to bite sized pieces makes it easier to handle, making it less overwhelming and easier to get done.



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