5 Tips to Get Your Mind Back on Track

5 Tips to Get Your Mind Back on Track

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Sometimes there are moments when you just can’t focus. Maybe you’re studying or trying to finish a project and your mind would rather repeat that song you have stuck in your head than think about anything useful. Getting your mind to listen to you can be harder than you think! Here are my 5 tips to help get your mind back on track.

 Make a List of What you Need to get Done

It’s much easier to have everything written down on paper to see what really needs to get done. If you have a paper due the next day and a test or two later in the week, focus on the paper for the moment.


Try Blocking out the Outside

You’re not going to want to. You’ll probably be complaining to yourself about it, but if you close your door and put on some noise canceling headphones (even without music) and sit down ready to start, it will be much easier than trying to focus while you watch some guys throw a football around.


Set a Timer

I’ve never really done this myself, but it’s apparently very helpful. Set a timer to go off every 20-30 minutes. Take that time to do what needs to be done then take a few minutes break when it dings. It’s a great study technique because you don’t overload yourself at once. Breaking things up is the easiest way to trick your brain. Instead of saying I need to write this 5 page paper in a 3 hours think something more like I’ll try to get half of a page finished by the time the timer goes off.


5 Tips to Get Your Mind Back on Track


Wake Up One Hour Early

If you’re bad at scheduling things, try waking up an hour early. Unless you happen to already wake up at 5:30am every day, one hour won’t kill you. Take the time to do some of the work you know you’ll be whining about later.


If All Else Fails, Head to the Library

Despite my having been an English major, I stepped foot inside my school library a maximum of 10 times my entire college career. With things available online it made it much easier to avoid it. Some people absolutely need to study and do work in the library. It separates your room from being a sleep/eat/study/homework/everything else kind of place.



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