How Recreating my Apartment in the Sims Spurred a Decluttering Spree

How Recreating my Apartment in the Sims Spurred a Decluttering Spree

How Recreating my Apartment in the Sims Spurred a Decluttering Spree

So, if you’re in your 20s, you’ve likely grown up playing or at least heard of The Sims franchise. I grew up playing the Sims from the original The Sims games up until the current installment of the Sims 4. 

One thing everyone does at least once is to make themselves and to make their own house/apartment in the game. I recently decided to make my own apartment (although it did end up backwards… Oops!) and it lit a fire under me to finally get all of the clutter in my apartment to their respective places.


The Clutter

I had a lot of stuff in my apartment that I was saving to bring to various places. I had bags of cans and bottles that needed to be returned, a guitar I needed to bring to a pawn shop for a few extra bucks, and a few bags of clothes to sell at a consignment store. I also had boxes of recycling I wanted to bring to my work because my apartment building doesn’t have a recycling bin. All of them had been sitting there for months (and even a year in regards to the bottles)!

I wish I had taken a picture of the mess of my living room  before I decided enough was enough, but by the time I had decided I needed it out, I really needed it out. 



The (in-game) Apartment

So how does a recreation of an apartment in the Sims spur a decluttering spree? Well, it’s just that in the Sims loose clutter really isn’t a thing. I had papers strewn about that I swore I would file away later, receipts lying around that I was going to scan into my favorite app for points (Receipt Hog), and just general clutter that didn’t really belong anywhere throughout the apartment that I probably didn’t need any way.

So in the real world I was looking at this mess that was my actual apartment, but for an hour or two, I could look at the clean, organized, and non-cluttered apartment in-game. (You can only watch Sim you wash the dishes so many times while the real ones in your sink start to pile up.)

There’s nothing quite like looking at what your apartment could look like to be the thing to kick your butt into gear. 

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How Recreating my Apartment in the Sims Spurred a Decluttering Spree


The Conclusion

So I woke up for 8am on a Sunday morning, something I hadn’t been accustomed to doing in a while. I took a shower, had breakfast, and got everything thrown in my car for 10am and hit the road for the area around my last apartment. That area has a large main street that had a pawn shop, consignment store, and a grocery store all on the same side. It was the easiest option for me to get everything done in one shot.

My plan was to go to the pawn shop, drop off the clothes, and while waiting for them to  be sorted out, return all the bottles and cans. Well, the consignment store opened at noon, which threw a wrench in my plans. But I was able to switch things around and got everything done for about 2pm. 

It seems a bit silly that something like The Sims spawned a cleaning spree, but it did! And I’m definitely glad I did. My apartment looks much cleaner, things are more in order, and I have a bunch of stuff out of my apartment that I don’t need! I’ve even started another donation pile of things I had been keeping with intention to use, but haven’t gotten around to it. 

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Has a game ever sparked you to do something in your life IRL before? Let me know in the comments!



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