8 Reasons Why I Love Autumn

8 Reasons Why I Love Autumn

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Autumn is my absolute favorite season. The colors are gorgeous, the weather is cooler… There are so many reasons to love the Fall! Here are my 8 reasons why I love Autumn. 

Cooler Temperature

As someone who overheats a lot, I’m not the biggest fan of summer. Hell, I’m not really a little fan of summer. Anything above 70 degrees Fahrenheit starts to make me sweat and uncomfortable. So once Autumn rolls around I’m more than ready for some cooler weather!

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Perfect Snuggle Weather 

Even if you don’t have someone you can snuggle up with, snuggling up in bed on the weekend is a fantastic feeling. You can have a lie in and keep snuggly warm under all your blankets. You can even make a cup of tea or coffee and treat it as a special morning ritual where you reflect on the upcoming day. Or you could bring a book and make a snuggle cocoon while you read your latest adventure. 


I don’t know about you, but I love me some hoodies. Even indoors. They’re comfortable, and if you wear them a size larger, there’s room enough that it’s almost like a snuggly blanket with you all the time! It also works great for ladies who hate wearing bras or want to quickly run out without one on. I’ve driven to the grocery store or walked across the street to CVS without a bra under a hoodie countless of times. It’s just so much easier, especially if you’re in a comfy mood.



I don’t know about you guys, but to me, Autumn has a certain atmosphere to it that I just love. Maybe it’s the combination of colorful leaves and all the pumpkin spiced scented everything, but it just makes me feel more at home. 

I’ll be more apt to go walking when I know I’m not going to sweat buckets, and my allergies will be significantly better since all the pollen should be dying down. I don’t spend much time outside, but I do try to make it more common in the Fall.

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Leaves Changing

I live in Connecticut and the leaves changing is actually a big thing up here. It’s it’s own season and everything. It’s a tourist-y thing where people go to all the different parks and hiking spots in the state and the rest of New England to see the beautiful landscapes.

I’ve never really taken part in this, but I’m thinking I just might this year. I’ve gotten myself in a much better state, so why not, right?


Apple Cider

I’m more of an apple cider kinda gal than a pumpkin spice latte person. So once apple season stars, I’m all over cider of any kind. My favorite was Starbucks’s caramel apple cider, but they discontinued that years ago in favor of a spiced version. It’s still fantastic, but the caramel kind will always be my favorite. 


8 Reasons Why I Love Autumn


Pumpkin and Autumn Scents

As with most others who love Autumn, I love the scents that come with it. I have a candle that I love burning this time of year, but because I bought it at TJ Maxx and I haven’t found it there again, I’m also reluctant to burn it! 


It’s Tea Time!

I love me some tea. When I lived with a roommate a few years ago, we both loved tea so much we ran out of space for our tea collection and the amount of mugs we had. We even made an effort to stop buying tea for a while so we could drink it all. 

Once I had stopped at Trader Joe’s for a few things and it just so happened that the cashier had offered me a free box of their Autumn tea! I kept trying to decline it, even going as far as to say “my roommate is going to kill me if I come home with another box of tea!” I think someone had accidentally left it there after checkout or something, but I ended up with a free box of tea that currently sits at my workplace for everyone to enjoy.


Do you like Autumn? What is your favorite thing about it that you like? Let me know in the comments!


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