5 Ways to Prep for Winter in the Fall

5 Ways to Prep for Winter in the Fall

5 Ways to Prep for Winter in the Fall

If you happen to live in New England, you’re aware that winter can come at any point. Back in 2011 Connecticut was hit by a Halloween blizzard that left most of the state without power for anywhere between a few days and a few weeks. 

Basically, once it starts to get colder, there’s no telling what the weather is going to do. To make sure you’re not caught blindsided one morning when you wake up and your car is covered in snow and you’re running late for work, I have a few ways to prep for winter while it’s still a crisp autumn.

Get Rock Salt/Shovels Now

If you’re in need of any shovels, rock salt, or other snow and ice removal tools, get them now before the winter rush. Not only will you be prepared, but it will keep you from having to run out the night before a big storm in search of these things.

A few years ago I did just that. I was running around to various home improvement stores looking for rock salt. I had to go to two different places before I found a Home Depot that still had one bag of rock salt. I was out of luck regarding a shovel.


Keep an Ice Scraper/De-Icer in your House

Keeping your preferred methods of removing ice from your car in your house is something I don’t normally do. It just so happens that the door handles to my car are easier to pull open when frozen shut, but not everyone is so lucky. If your car door handles have a tendency to freeze shut, keeping one or both of these items at hand in the house makes it easier to get in your car when you need to get to work.

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Keep a Shovel in Your Car

It doesn’t have to be a big shovel, I have a small one that’s maybe three feet in length. If you get stuck out and your car is snowed in, having the shovel at hand can be pertinent. It also helps if you get stuck in the snow. Being able to dig yourself out without having to wait hours in the cold and snow for AAA or family to show up to help is worth it.

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Check Car Supplies 

I have a car kit in my trunk that has flares, reflector triangles, jumper cables, and other roadside assistance tools. Making sure everything is set and in working order before your battery dies on the side of the road in the snow will save your butt if it ever happens.

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5 Ways to Prep for Winter


Keep a Blanket or Comforter in Your Car

You never know when you might need a blanket. Maybe your heat stops working, or your car battery dies and you can’t turn on the heat. Having a blanket (I keep an old comforter) in your trunk for the winter will prevent you from freezing in emergencies.

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Check/Tune Up Your Snowblower 

This is big if you have a snowblower. My mom is currently trying to convince my dad to get their snowblower tuned up before the winter. If you can’t shovel, or it snows too much for shoveling to be efficient, having the snowblower will be handy. But if your snowblower isn’t up to par, it might not start or break.

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Do you have any other pre-winter tips? What do you do to get ready for the winter? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. cjwaterfieldart

    Summer’s still hanging on here! 🙂 Very interesting, and I enjoyed flicking through the related blogs too.

    1. One thing I don’t envy you guys north of the border for. I don’t think I could handle snow on my birthday and around the beginning of the school year. lol

      Best of luck this winter. I hear it’s going to get pretty nasty.

      XO Steph

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