Super Early 2018 Perfect Christmas Wish List

Super Early 2018 Perfect Christmas Wish List

Super Early 2018 Perfect Christmas Wish List

I’ve never done something like this before, but, I figured I’d give it a try! I’m going to list the top things on my “if I only had the money…” Christmas wish list for this year!


iRobot Roomba ($244.00)


I’ve always wanted a roomba-type thing. I’m not that big with which brand it is, and this little guy doesn’t seem so bad and it claims it works good with pet hair. If that’s true then it should be good enough for all the dirt and stuff I track in the house on a daily basis.

I’m terrible with vacuuming on a regular basis because the vacuum I have is big and bulky and it’s a pain to move around. This little guy would make all that so much easier. And, I’m pretty sure I could set it to go while I’m at work so I don’t even have to deal with it when I’m home!

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Fitbit Versa Smart Watch ($199.00)


I’ve wanted a fitbit or similar smart watch for the longest time. I was trying to use my phone to track my steps, but I don’t always have my phone with me and I’m not sure how accurate it is. This version just looks really sleek and totally my style. It’s casual enough but if I wanted to, I could probably get a separate band for more “dressy” occasions.

I’m happy I’ve waited this long to look into these in a more serious light because the newer models are starting to have swim functions, so they’re water resistant. One of the biggest gripes I had when I was swimming for a workout was I had no idea how long I was swimming for. Unlike with a treadmill or elliptical, you can’t track your progress as easily.


 Fire HD 8 Tablet ($79.99)

61SJLQB134L._SL1000_As someone who was never really interested in tablets, Amazon did the best they could to sway me. I was originally looking for an eBook reader but came across an older version of this. I can’t deny that the thought of watching my daily YouTube videos on a larger screen isn’t appealing. So if I can get a device where I can watch YouTube and have an eReader as well, then I’m pretty set.

It also gives me a bigger screen for other things and I can do things online, not on my laptop, but not on my phone either. If I want I can curl up in bed with the tablet and watch all the things without having to worry about my phone. I could do a day without my phone without compromising being lazy!


Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale ($14.33)


71tmLhJJSyL._SL1280_I definitely need this regardless if it’s a Christmas gift or not. My biggest problem with losing weight was making sure I was accurately tracking my calories and the best way to do that is with a food scale. It doesn’t need to be fancy it just needs to work.

So if I don’t buy this for myself for Christmas, I might just throw it in my cart when I have the money to make an extra purchase.



Summer Love

Instant Pot ($99.00) 

91nEVDR1MJL._SL1500_I’m in the market for a new slow cooker and this is pretty damn good. Not only does it work as a slow cooker but works as a Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Sauté, Steamer, and Warmer. That means I can consolidate my slow cooker and rice cooker to save space in my tiny kitchen.

I’m also really excited that it has a timer built in. I currently have an old slow cooker I picked up second hand from the local Savers a few years ago. It doesn’t have a timer built in so I can’t put something in and go to work without worrying if anything will go wrong. Having a built in timer will at least give me the peace of mind that my food will stop cooking when I tell it to.


Morphe 18 Piece Sable Makeup Brush Set ($39.00)

41sXIJ2OaJLGirl’s gotta have a good brush set! I currently have a cheap set that works kind of okay, but I would really like a set that is professional quality, and Morphe seems to be a pretty good name for brushes. Having the brushes be vegan is an extra bonus.

If not this set, I’ll check out the morphe site to see what they have to offer in a decent sized set that’s not super expensive.


Chance By Chanel ($164.79)

51uKsofFLBL._SX522_This is my go-to scent. Actually, it’s the only scent I’ve ever bought and used. The current bottle I have is years old and I don’t think it lasts as long as it would if it were a new bottle. I love it! I’m not big on perfume in general, but I can definitely get on board with this. If I can’t get to this, there seems to be a body spray version that’s cheaper and I might find better.




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What’s on your perfect wish list this holiday season? What do you think of my picks? Have you tried any of these products?

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  1. Len's Cup of Tea

    Vacuum cleaning is such a pain, I pretty much have to plan my day around it so I’d love to own a robot vacuum as well. Too bad they’re so expensive!

    1. I know there are cheaper versions of them, and when you compare them to the price of a regular vacuum, it’s not much different. I might consider it if I get a pay raise.

  2. Colby

    ohhhh goodies!

  3. Marissa

    Great all around list! I have Chanel Chance and it smells amazing! Perfect holiday gift to treat yourself with!!

  4. mewooding

    Ahhhh I need an instant pot too. I hope Santa is good to you this year!

  5. Caitlin Houston

    I really want a Roomba!!

  6. Catherine

    Good to know there’s a more affordable tablet!

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