How To Recover From Your Family Filled Holidays as an Introvert

How To Recover From Your Family Filled Holidays as an Introvert

How To Recover From Your Family Filled Holidays as an Introvert


It’s holiday season! Regardless of whatever culture or religion you are, there should be some sort of winter holiday you celebrate. Us introverts really aren’t that big of a fan of large gatherings that come with superficial and small talk, so having more than one in the next few months is pretty exhausting.

I recently wrote about how to deal with the actual holiday gatherings themselves, so here is how to decompress and recover from all that holiday cheer you experience.


Let Everyone Know You Need Alone Time

If you live with extroverts, and let’s be honest, they seem to make up more people on average than introverts, they probably aren’t going to understand that you need time alone. Extroverts recharge when being social and around people, so they normally can’t fathom needing to be alone.

Letting your family or roommates know that you need to be alone for the day makes sure they don’t bombard you with requests or questions or anything else. 

While this isn’t foolproof (I can see my mom saying “but I’m not anyone, I’m your mother!” and not understanding I don’t want to talk to anyone.) it will give you a buffer. If your parents or roommates respect your privacy and want to be alone, you should be able to spend the day recharging how you want.

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Know What You Need to Do

Usually when I have a weekend to recharge I have at least a few ideas of what I want to do. That usually includes: sleeping in, playing video games, catching up on my YouTube videos, maybe watching a live stream, and maybe a cup of tea.

Those things are what I know I need to do to feel better and more alive. Just this weekend I had wanted to head to the local reservoir and take some lovely autumn photos of all the trees and leaves, but when I woke up on Saturday I knew I needed the weekend to relax. I had done a decent amount of socializing at work that week, and I had a therapy session. So instead of taking pictures of the autumn foliage, I played a little bit of Medieval 2: Total War, caught up on some YouTube videos, and watched a live stream from my favorite YouTuber. 

Sunday was reserved for some food shopping, preparing and throwing in my week’s lunch into the slow cooker, doing the dishes, and watching some football and college basketball.

Even though I didn’t exactly plan out what I wanted to do, I knew what I had to do to feel recharged and recover.

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Take a Warm Shower or Bath

I don’t know about you, but when I’m exhausted from socialization it usually takes a toll on my both physically and mentally. And the best thing I could do to help that is take a shower or relax in a bath.

There are so many things to help you relax in the shower/bath like bath bombs, shower tablets, nice smelling shower gel, in-shower lotions and oils, body scrubs, and more! You can also use your favorite lotion and jump into a nice warm pair of pajamas afterwards to kick start your relaxation.

I have a giraffe onesie that I bought specifically for Halloween last year but has turned into my lounging around the house attire. 


Halloween 2017 – Giraffe onesie

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Claim Your Solitude Territory

I’m lucky enough that I have an apartment to myself, but not everyone has that luxury. If you live with roommates or still live at home, making it known that you will be in certain area for all of or most of the day should be a primary goal.

If you’re staying in your bedroom for instance, taping a little note that says “Introvert Recharging – Be Back in 24 hours” could be a silly way to claim your space and help make sure no one interrupts.

If your house is too busy to claim an entire room, carve out a corner or area of a room and make it a comfy, cozy space for you to do your recharging.

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Headphones are Your Friend

As someone who went through college and had terribly loud floormates, investing in a pair of noise canceling headphones was the best thing I ever did my freshman year. Being able to drown out the sounds of the 15 or so other people that lived on the same floor as me kept me sane.  If you want to get really noise canceling, put some ear plugs in then put the headphones on. That way any sound that gets through the plugs is exactly what you want.

You don’t even have to be listening to anything at all, either! You could just keep them on as a deterrent for others to talk to you, or you could put on some soft music, or even white noise. There are tons of videos on YouTube with white noise, brown noise, pink noise, and any other kind of ambient sounds you might want to hear.


Introvert Recharging Be Back in 24 Hours


Be Comfy and Do What You Want

The main thing about recharging and recovering from socializing is to get yourself comfortable and to do what you want. Whatever it is you know you have to do to feel better, do it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t or can’t do it. If you’re exhausted you need to rest, it’s simple as that. If someone in your life can’t accept or understand that then you might need to have a long talk with them once you’re able to.

If that means you spend the whole day playing video games, or reading a book series, or watching movies, so be it. Do what you have to to heal and be a better you!


Do you have any other tips for recovering after the holidays? What do you do to recharge and recover from too much socialization? 

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