How Changing My Shower Time Improved My Life

How Changing My Shower Time Improved My Life

How Changing My Shower Time Improved My Life

I never thought something as simple as changing when I take a shower would make such a huge impact on my life, but…damn! Life has been going pretty darn good so far and part of it is due to just changing when I take a shower!

Here’show changing my shower time improved my life and can (maybe) improve yours too!


Changing the Time

Taking a shower when I get home from work wasn’t something I thought of at all! I used to take showers at night when I was a kid, but that’s because it was easier on my parents at that point and I kind of just stuck with it. When I hit high school I started taking showers in the morning to help wake me up, because when classes start at 7:30am and you don’t drink coffee, you need something to help in that regard.

It just so happened that one day as I was driving home from work I had a sudden need to shower. Not because I felt dirty, but because my skin was almost screaming at me for moisture help. Having eczema usually isn’t a pain in the ass, but when it starts to get colder (like it is now) it does throw a bit of a hissy fit at me. So taking a shower later in the evening is a pretty good change for me. 

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Helps With Moisture

Now hear me out. I’ve got eczema, which in short and sweet terms, means my skin has issues retaining water to keep hydrated. Because of that and the colder weather, my skin has been feeling really dry when I get home from work. I started using my humidifier again, but it just wasn’t enough. 

Hopping in the shower really quick and being able to warm up my skin and make it more susceptible to holding in whatever moisture it can makes a huge difference! It’s also a great way to warm up from the cold. 

I can hop out of the shower and put on the heaviest lotions/creams I want! I don’t have to worry about if it’ll stick to my clothes or if my pants will fight me to go on because I’m wearing pajamas!

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How Changing My Shower Time Improved My Life


Helps Relax

If you’re like most people, a day at work can be stressful. And if you’re anything like me, relaxing can be a bit… difficult. But hopping in the shower is a natural way to calm you down. It’s my go-to when my anxiety gets me really agitated.

If you add any lavender scented body wash, shower tablets, or lotion, you’re in for even more of a treat. I definitely feel more relaxed after I get out of the shower, hop in my pajamas, and cuddle up on my bed for some videos or basketball games to watch.

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Gives My Morning More Time

I’m one of those people who wake up but then take an hour and a half to actually get out of bed for realsies. Taking a shower in the morning usually meant that I would have to rush myself to get in and dressed before I was fully awake and before I was late for work. Mostly, this is just a me problem. I could totally take a shower as soon as I wake up. In fact, that’s actually what I did in college. But half the time I have no desire to get out of bed, never mind anything else. So there have been quite a few days where I’ve said “eh, screw it” and rolled over to go back to sleep and just throw on work close right before I have to leave.

Taking a shower at night leaves me the time I need to actually get out of bed, and I’ve even been able to put on makeup again! Normally I’m running so far behind or I’ve not given myself enough time to put on makeup so I haven’t been wearing it. My coworkers even commented on my recent makeup application. Wearing makeup makes me feel pretty, and when I feel pretty, I feel more productive.

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When do you take a shower? Are you a night person or a morning person?


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  1. RunWyld

    I’m totally with you! I shower at night to relax and save me time in the morning to linger in bed and not rush around. I love a HOT LONG shower, which I know is very drying to my skin. I am trying to be better about using oils and lotions on my skin afterwards to replenish lost moisture. Great read!

    1. Thank You! I’ve been trying to get to the gym after work so I have time to shower and relax before bed. I was always a morning person, so this is strange to me. While I’m still more of a morning person because bed time is usually no later than 9:30PM, this change has been pretty good for me. 😀

  2. k. a. n.

    I’ve always struggled with deciding whether to take morning or night showers! It usually depends on if I want my hair to have natural volume or if I want to curl it. Great post and very fun to read. I followed your blog and look forward to reading more posts!

    1. Thanks! I have really fine hair so even if I take a shower at night, I still have to re-wet it and dry it for it to work down. Otherwise it becomes so flat and feels greasy really quick.

  3. learningisawayoflife

    Switching to night showers was such a life changer for me!!
    I can’t imagine it any other way now!

  4. Michelle Kelly

    I am a night shower person myself. Usually after I finish my exercise for the day. Can enjoy the shower more when I don’t feel like I have to hurry because of a deadline to get to work or whatever is happening that day. There is also that side benefit that you mentioned about putting on lotions and creams after the shower. Something I am more likely to do when I am putting my pajamas on than the clothes I will wear for the day.

    1. Ah, I need to lotion all the time. Like right now I threw on a layer of vaseline even though I used my Nivea lotion after my shower. My skin is high maintenance. Lol

      1. Michelle Kelly

        Well I am the same way with my skin. At least the top off of my body with my arms, face and back. A lot of work at times putting on the lotion, but makes all the difference in how relaxed I am now for doing and how much better my skin looks.

        1. Some days I feel like my skin will never get enough! Lol. But it’s the price I pay for living in New England.

    1. I used them to wake me up in college. Literally get out of bed and into the shower. It also works for getting my hair to cooperate.

  5. Disha Smith

    I’m all over the place when it comes to showering. When I was in college, I used to shower in the mornings because it woke me up. As I get older, I like to shower before bed so I can use my stress relief body wash and relax.

    1. That’s exactly how I was. I’ve even changed when I go to the gym to after work and that’s been pretty good too!

  6. Karletta

    What a cool article. Nothing like feeling the water droplets run down your head and over your body – you’ve got to get the timing right for something that good.

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