Why I Spend Thanksgiving Alone and Why It’s Okay

Why I Spend Thanksgiving Alone and Why It’s Okay

Why I Spend Thanksgiving Alone and Why It's Okay


This is something that I’ve recently come to accept. It’s become a sort of ritual and I don’t know what I’m going to do if/when I start a family. I’ve redesigned the holiday traditionally thought of with lots of family, food, and football, to a more introverted, self-care day, with a little bit of football. This post will explain all about why I spend Thanksgiving along and why that’s okay!


This is actually the biggest reason for re-making this holiday into something more solo. I have an incredibly small family. Like really small. Mostly because of the age gaps between parents and children. I no longer have living grandparents, where one was the matriarch that kept one side of my family together.

This all started when I was in college. Mainly, I was too lazy to drive back to parents’ house for just a few days off. I also usually had papers to do while I was on this mini “break” so it never made any sense to leave. I’m a introvert at heart and after living with up to 5 other people during the year, having a small break early on was more than welcoming.

My family was never one for heart warming moments and lots of hugs and kisses, so it just fell into place where my parents would do their version of thanksgiving, more often than not included going out to a restaurant for dinner, and me making some food by myself. As an introvert I’m not a big fan of forced family interaction, so even when relatives were involved, it was always very stressful for various reasons. Now, I’ll call up my parents and wish them pleasantries, but all in all, it’s become a day where I just relax.

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Previous Thanksgivings involved going to my mother’s sister’s house where I would be banished to the children’s table because they didn’t have enough space at the adult table. The food spread also wasn’t exactly top quality either. While I wasn’t and still don’t expect gourmet food, one of the main contenders was pasta-roni from a box.

Now, I can pick and choose what I want to eat, when I eat it, and especially where I eat it. Cooking is usually an all day process. I used to cook a full turkey, but recently have down graded to either turkey or chicken cutlets. I was cooking so much food, wasting some because I can’t carve a turkey for the life of me, and I wasn’t finishing it. Now I have a more acceptable amount of food and if I don’t like it, I don’t make it!

I usually start looking up recipes in October so by the time Thanksgiving rolls around I know what I want, what I need to make each dish, and can buy things before the big rush and the grocery store is overwhelmed with people. Want to take a look at some of the recipes I’m considering? Check out my Pinterest Thanksgiving Recipes board!

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Why I Spend Thanksgiving Alone and Why It's Okay



Football was never really something that big in my family. My dad has his favorite team but it was never a family activity and I really don’t remember watching a game on Thanksgiving. Granted, I was in marching band in high school so my Thanksgiving mornings were spent playing at a football game of my own. Then being dragged my mother’s sister’s house for hours of screaming children and pasta-roni.

However, as I’ve gotten older I don’t mind football. I never really disliked it, I just wasn’t big on professional sports in general. Now that I live on my own I can turn on the pro football game or even a college game if I choose to. I can also turn on my favorite series from my favorite YouTuber if I want. Thanksgiving is a day I can relax and not have to worry about much and will only have plans the next day if I decide to brave the masses on Black Friday morning.

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Self Care

The self care starts once the food is cooked and eaten, the leftovers are packed up and sorted between the fridge and freezer, and the dishes are washed and drying on their rack. I’m usually in my pajamas all day regardless, so I can take a shower after all that to be squeaky clean and calm down any anxiety that may have tried to ruin the day.

I have a variety of face masks to choose from, leave in conditioners, lotions, and candles to have a mini spa day. I can watch movies, play video games, or read. I can literally do whatever I want. I could spend the entire evening working on my blog if that’s what I want!

No dressing up. No loud children. No passive aggressive remarks from family. No putting up with people you don’t really like simply because they’re family and it’s one of those get together holidays. Nothing.

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So, what do you think of my Solo-Thanksgiving plans? What do you do for Thanksgiving? Have any recipes you love and want to share?

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  1. I think your solo-Thanksgiving ritual is awesome – you’re doing what’s right for you, and making a celebration of it – kudos! I actually do something similar – I don’t have family nearby, so I usually have a Thanksgiving lunch with some friends, and then indulge myself for the rest of the day by binging on Netflix, taking a walk by the lake if the weather permits, and pampering myself 🙂 I find it to be the perfect time to recharge.

    1. It’s really great to hear someone else does something similar! Most people I meet are really big on family so it’s always a weird experience talking to them about it.

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