12 Days of Christmas Self Care

12 Days of Christmas Self Care

12 Days of Christmas Self Care

The 12 days leading up to Christmas can be a bit nerve wracking if you have a large family, or are going to be hosting said family, or you have to spend the whole day surrounded by people, or you just might not enjoy Christmas that much. 

So I’ve come up with the idea of the 12 Days of Christmas Self Care!

Each day leading up to Christmas Day, I will post a new self-care tip and how to go about it!

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12 Days of Christmas Self Care

(All days are clickable links!)


Day 1: Take Time for Yourself

Day 2: Celebrate the Small Victories

Day 3: Buy/Create Yourself a Thoughtful Gift

Day 4: Do Some Exercise

Day 5: Light Some Candles, Wax Warmers, or Scent Plug-ins

Day 6: Do a Christmas Tradition You Like, or Create a New One

Day 7: Snuggle Up with some Christmas Movies

Day 8: Spa Day!

Day 9: Take a Long Shower or Bath

Day 10: Up Your Hydration Game and Overload on Moisturizer!

Day 11:  Eat Healthy/ at a Calorie Deficit (in prep for all the Christmas food!)

Day 12: Relax, Recharge, and Get Ready.


12 Days of Christmas Self Care


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  1. Jenni

    Loved this!! I need to do this for sure. 😊

    1. Thanks! I’m going to try and go along with my posts as well. 🙂 Maybe if I do I’ll post them to my Insta.

      1. Jenni

        😊 sounds lovely! I haven’t gotten an Insta yet, but I’ve been debating.

        1. I have one but I’m not very active. I’d like to eventually get to a point where I am but I’m not a big fan of social media in general.

          1. Jenni

            I here ya! I had my first mean girl encounter on Twitter today. Social media is terrifying.

          2. I made the mistake of following #millennial at one point. Just… just don’t go there. Too many people yelling about kids (who aren’t millennials) and blaming an entire generation for stupid things. I had to remove myself from that. Too many assholes

          3. Jenni

            Yeah, people find anything to be negative about. Removing myself from it isn’t easy, but it’s best for my sanity and blood pressure.

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