12 Days of Christmas Self Care: Day 10

12 Days of Christmas Self Care: Day 10

Day 9_ Take a Long Shower or Bath

Day 10: Up Your Hydration Game and Overload on Moisturizer!


Keeping hydrated is normally something people tend to worry about during the summer, but it’s also incredibly important year round. Especially when it gets really cold and all you want to do is drink warm drinks like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

During these colder months keeping hydrated and keeping your skin hydrated is super important. The harsh cold weather and the cold winds that come with this time of year can really do a number on your skin.

So for Day 10 I’m going to give you a few tips on keeping hydrated and moisturized!

Water Bottle

Keeping a water bottle with you at all times is the most important thing for me when it comes to keeping hydrated. I always have my glass water bottle on me. My purses tend to be big enough that they can fit the water bottle in it for daily travel.

It’s a reminder to keep drinking. As someone who grew up in a school system that didn’t allow water bottles which ended up leaving me to be so dehydrated that it caused me to have a kidney stone in high school, it’s really easy for me to forget to drink during the day.

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Flavored Water

Not one for plain water? You can always go with flavored water! There are plenty of flavored water drops that you can add to your water bottle to keep hydrated and have something to sip that tastes good.



Tea is my second go-to to keep hydrated. I love me some green tea and most herbal teas. While it is slower to drink if you’re drinking it hot, it’s still a great way to keep hydrated. And if you don’t put anything extra in the tea, it’s calorie free!



Body Lotion

As someone with a skin disorder, I know my lotions. My two favorite brands are Aveeno and Gold Bond. For those without skin problems, check out Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion orAveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion With SPF 15. Aveeno is the only brand I’ve found that has a body lotion with SPF.

If you need something a bit heavier, check out Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion with Aloe Fragrance-Free or Aveeno Skin Relief Moisture Repair Cream


Day 10: Up Your Hydration Game and Overload on Moisturizer!


Body Cream

I’m a big fan of Nivea and Aveeno for body cream. Aveeno has a body balm for eczema that I love. It works so well with my skin and hydrates pretty well. As for Nivea, I like the original Nivea Creme but recently picked up the Nivea Essentially Enriched Cream as it’s something that I hadn’t seen before. It has a more lotion-like texture and smells just like every Nivea product and seems to be working well.



When you’re in need of some serious hydration, Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly is a good way to go. I tend to use this on my feet in the winter since the eczema can get pretty bad on them. Put some on, add some nice cotton socks, and I’m good to go.

It’s also helpful for face issues too. Since I’ve been blessed with terribly dry skin, when it starts to get colder around New England, there are times where I just completely disregard my nightly routine in favor of just slathering on some Vaseline! As long as you don’t put it on right before you go to bed (it wipes off easy) you should be fine.



If your face is really dry and need something that won’t get all greasy during the day time, oils is your best bet. I recently discovered via Coming Up Roses that I was applying my skin care all wrong! And by all wrong, I mean I put my face oils on near the beginning essentially making the rest useless because it couldn’t soak in through the layer of oil!

But oils are fantastic to put on if you’re in harsher weather as they’re easily soaked in through the skin and do a fabulous job helping protect it from the colder, windy weather. I’m currently using a mixture that I also use for my cuticles. You can check out the combo in my post Skin Care Guide for Colder Weather


What are your favorite ways to keep moisturized an hydrated during these colder months? Do you have any products you think I should try? 


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  1. bingingonabudget

    Thanks for sharing, Self Care is so important! I loved your post, what’s your favorite self care activity?

    1. Ooh, that’s a hard one. But because I’m an introvert, as long as I’m alone and doing what I want to do I’m good… but baths and/or the jacuzzi at my gym are a close second 😊

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