My Experience With CBD Oil: Is it Worth It?

My Experience With CBD Oil: Is it Worth It?

My Experience With CBD Oil: Is it Worth It?

I had been attempting to help supplement my current anti-anxiety/depression medications in a more natural way to help me fall asleep better and to have a more overall calming affect on me. I don’t want to have to rely on xanax for anxiety moments. I barely use it unless I’m having an anxiety attack, but there are times where my anxiety will ramp up but not enough to warrant medical intervention.

I gave CBD oil a try for a week and below will be my documentation of how that went.

The Beginning

So I tried out Kava and Valerian Root liquids (more like goop, to be honest) but in all honesty, they taste gross. Personally I found the Kava more bearable to the Valerian Root. Kava has more of an earthy/dirt taste while Valerian Root tasted (and smelled) like sweaty feet. It did give me a use for my only shot glass again, though.

Talking with my therapist about all that sparked the conversation of CBD oil. I had looked it up at one point, but because of the confusion between CBD oil, THC, mixtures of both, and other stuff online, I just let it go. But our conversation got me thinking about it again.

So I plucked up the courage to go to a somewhat local vape store that was opened later in the evening after work and bought myself a vape pen, and two oil cartridges. One for “sleep” that contains melatonin, and one for more “focus/creativity” for the day.


FYI, if you’re looking to get into this, have some money saved. CBD oil is pretty damned expensive. It cost me about $75 for just those three items. However, the sales guy suggested that now that hemp is legal, it may cause the prices to drop in the near future. I hope that’s true.

Now, on to my thoughts!

Night 1

As soon as I got home from the vape store I cracked everything opened (still kind of shaking from the anxiety of actually walking into the store) and put in the “sleep” cartridge in. It took some getting used to (since smoking never really worked with me being asthmatic and all) and remembering to actually press the button to inhale, but I finally got it working.

I didn’t really feel much at the start. I’m one of those people who has a naturally higher tolerance to a lot of things. By the time I stopped drinking my alcohol tolerance was pretty damn high, and I usually need multiple dosages of anesthetic for cavity fillings, and morphine doesn’t do me any good for kidney stones. So I wasn’t expecting much.

It did help me fall asleep, but, because I wasn’t even thinking about the long term, did wake up around 3AM and had issues falling back asleep (and you bet I gave the pen another try). Kava was pretty good at knocking me out for the night, but can cause some issues. I’ve read things about not taking it longer than 6 weeks at a time. So I didn’t want to rely on that.

Day 1

Switched out to the “focus/creativity” cartridge for the day. Gave a few tries, but didn’t really have any immediate effect. From what I was told that was the main selling point of vaping over tinctures and gummies. It’s supposedly more immediate but doesn’t last as long, where gummies and tinctures take longer to process but last for much, much longer.

Honestly had some anxiety about bringing the pen to work, so that really didn’t help at all. I actually used an old glasses case to carry both the pen and charger part in my purse without losing anything or having to worry about things breaking. Don’t need oil all over my purse. That’s what hand sanitizer is for.



Night 2

Wasn’t so bad. I was more familiar with things and the excitement of something new wore off. Still don’t know the amount of times I need to inhale and at what voltage level work best with me.


Day 2

Had a cringey moment at TJ Maxx where I grabbed one bottle in the clearance section which caused an avalanche of other bottles to fall down, which ultimately hit a glass jar holding a fancy sponge… which proceeded to shatter on impact with the ground. I panicked, but was only shaky for a while. Thankfully the lovely sales associate told me everything was fine. Not sure how I would have reacted without having the CBD before hand, but I think I dealt with it pretty well.


my experience with cbd oil_ is it worth it_ (1)


The End

After figuring out how to best go about vaping and how I respond to it and what it feels like, the rest of the test days were the same. It’s hard to describe how it feels for the CBD oil to work, because unlike most things where you take it and you get a feeling out of it, it’s more of a feeling of a lack of things. 


This is how my personal experience is:

If the CBD hasn’t been in my system for a while (aka, it’s been 4+ hours) I get a bit of a relaxing feeling when I inhale the first time.

Any other time, it just adds to an overwhelming “eh, it’s okay” feeling. Let’s say I’m at work and it’s getting pretty hectic. I’ve got 10 emails to look at and more keep coming in, my phone is ringing, and someone else in the office needs my help. Normally I’d panic and get really flustered. With the CBD oil I have the acknowledgement that it’s a stressful situation, but I’m more able to ground myself, focus on what’s going on, and prioritize what I need to do.

Instead of a calming feeling, it’s a feeling of less anxiety. 

It’s weird at first. I had a moment my first day back at work after the holidays. My supervisor had her baby and I was left in charge. Before things completely spun out of control I was trying to deal with things and thought “Normally I’d be far more panicked about this. I should be flailing my arms and pacing back and forth, but I’m not”.

I haven’t seen any downside yet, but it’s only been about a week since I started using it. It doesn’t cause my asthma any issues, and from what I’ve been reading about it, isn’t much of a problem at all. In fact, it could be beneficial. It’s supposed to help with inflammation, and that’s something I struggle with a lot. I can’t wait to see what some of the longer term effects are.

If you’re looking to start CBD oil, it’s recommended you talk to your physician before hand. Also note that this is one of the times where you pay for your quality. You can always buy online, but if you’re a complete newbie to the stuff, I suggest heading to a vape shop. They should be carrying only higher quality stuff. 


UPDATE: A few Weeks Later

I’ve been using the CBD oil almost daily for a few weeks now and it’s honestly such an amazing change. Normally I have at least some sort of residual anxiety after taking my medication, but recently it’s been almost nonexistent! Most of my vaping happens at night with melatonin in it, but it’s really been helping me sleep at night. Honestly, best decision I’ve made this year so far. 


So what do you think? Have you tried CBD oil? Let me know!


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  1. Jenni

    I’m so happy you did this! I’ve been using CBD for a few months for multiple reasons. I have severe anxiety and am legally blind. I have a lot of pain and pressure in my eyes, and my nerves are always all over the place. CBD has helped me so much with both. It’s different than the medications I was on from my therapist, but it’s a good different. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank YOU for sharing your story with me! What is your preferred method of ingestion? I’m particularly fond of vaping. I have a friend who likes the flower best. Do you have any online retailer recommendations?

      1. Jenni

        I like Hemp Bombs brand, at least I think that’s what they are called. I started with the gummies and tinctures. The gummies are good, but I find vaping to be my favorite overall.

        1. Same! I’ve been hearing good things about CBDistillery too. I just with things weren’t so expensive! lol

          1. Jenni

            Hopefully the prices go down a bit. It’s pretty expensive, but I’m trying to stay positive. 😊

          2. Yes! I want to give other brands a try. CBDistillery has flavored cartridges! I can’t wait to give them a try

          3. Jenni

            I’ve tried a few flavors that were super sweet, so I hope I can find one that isn’t a sweet overload. For the most part, blueberry is always my go-to.

          4. They have a strawberry lemonade I want to try. There’s a variety pack for $85 that I’m really tempted to buy when I get paid.

          5. Jenni

            That actually sounds pretty lovely.

  2. romcomdojo

    I’m so glad you’re having so much success with it. After my own experience with it, I’m a true believer. I started taking CBD oil (orally) just over a month ago and I am amazed at how much it’s helping with my sleep and anxiety. I fall asleep a LOT faster, sleep through the night, and my anxiety levels during the day are greatly improved. I’ve noticed I’m able to focus on my work and not have my mind go to a million different places, and I’m a lot more patient, too. I had to clean up an entire bottle of espresso that had spilled all over the place in my kitchen (even up the walls and under the fridge) and I never once got upset, frustrated, or even annoyed by it. I actually laughed when it happened!

    1. I’ve been sticking to vaping since I prefer the immediate effects. However, I’m starting to dabble in gummies so I don’t have to vape as often, it can become a once a day thing rather than twice a day. Though the gummie bears I bought have a relatively potent hemp smell to them. I’m hoping that other brands won’t be as bad

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