How to Know When Your Weekend Benders have Become Problematic

How to Know When Your Weekend Benders have Become Problematic

How to Know When Your Weekend Benders have Become Problematic

I know the word “problematic” is thrown around a lot lately, and it’s kind of diminished it’s definition, but for this post I’m going to be using it in it’s truest definition: something that is a problem.

With the success of How to Recover From Your Weekend Bender, I figured I would elaborate on that with something I wish I had when I was younger: how to know when your weekend bender has become problematic.

When you’re in your early twenties, going out on the weekends and getting shit-faced is basically a right of passage (at least according to social media). No one really bats an eye at that. But is there something else there? Could there be early warning signs of a more serious problem? Is excessive drinking that problem? We’ll find out.


Is Your Binge Drinking Problematic?

Most people who go all out on a weekend bender don’t really see an issue with their drinking. I didn’t either.

If you’re consuming a large amount of alcohol in a short amount of time, no matter which way you look at it, it’s considered binge drinking. Americans tend to have issues with binge drinking because of how taboo alcohol can be in our culture as a whole.

Teens and young adults who want to experiment with alcohol don’t normally have an outlet for it, so when they get their hands on anything, it turns into a drinking fest, weekend bender problem. Are you doing this?

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Binge Drinking

While binge drinking isn’t exactly a sign in and of itself, it’s the accumulation of weekend after weekend after weekend of alcohol-fueled nights that is where things become problematic.

Drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time isn’t healthy for various reasons, including your physical health and financial health. You liver probably hates you after a weekend bender problem night. And I doubt your self-conscious is having a ball after whatever things you may or may not have done while drunk.

Do you spend most weekends binge drinking? Has this been going on for months to years? You might want to read a little further.



Everyone loves making fun of drunk people doing stupid things, but what happens when those stupid things become regrets?

What happens when, during your binge drinking weekend, you start a fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Do something incredibly embarrassing that made its way onto the internet? Maybe even potentially cheating on your partner?

If you wake up after your binge drinking episode and almost instantly regret something you did, that could be a sign of a problem.


If these regretful moments happen almost every time you binge drink, that is definitely a sign you might have a problem.

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You Can’t Remember What Happened

If you consistently wake up in the morning after your binge drinking weekend with little to no memory of what happened the night before, that is most certainly an issue.

I spent almost a year and a half of my college career (half of my freshman and all of my sophomore year) constantly drinking on the weekends. Hell, sometimes even on Thursdays and Fridays. Other than my liver probably wanting to die from the amount of work I put it through, as time went on I started to remember less and less of my nights out.

It got to a point where I had done something one night that caused a bit of a scene, nothing bad, just overly dramatic. But I was actually the last person to find out. I couldn’t remember what happened.

And that became a trend.

It got to a point where most of the time when I drank in college, and shortly after, I wouldn’t remember parts of the night.

Biggest. Red. Flag.


Are People Worried For You?

One thing I wish my friends had done at that time was express any concern they had for me about my drinking. Everything was all fun and just the standard “college experience” for most of things, right?

It wasn’t until after I stopped drinking that I had a few people come up to me and tell me how proud they were because they could see how I was damaging myself before.

If you have close friends tell you they’re concerned about your binge drinking, you might have a problem. If you have acquaintances tell you they’re concerned about your binge drinking, you really might have a problem.

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How to Know When Your Weekend Benders have Become Problematic


Do Any of These Signs Make You Upset?

If you checked the boxes on a few of these potential signs and you’re starting to have a mental battle with yourself about it, you might have a problem.

I remember writing a poem for a class during my sophomore year of college that took how I felt about my drinking situation and laid it all out. I felt guilty every time I woke up from a night out, but would do the same thing the next night. That’s just what we did.

I think part of me didn’t want the hurt and pain to stop because those are the “easiest” forms of emotions to get creative with. There’s a reason the “drunken author” trope is a thing. It’s like I wanted to become the next Charles Bukowski.

If you’re starting to feel this way at all, PLEASE reconsider your drinking habits. See if you can cut down on the amount you have each weekend. See if you can make it a weekend and remember everything that happened. If you find you can’t cut back, that it’s actually a really hard thing to do, I suggest talking to someone about this.

It could be a friend, family member, internet stranger, therapist, hell, even me. Talk to someone about what is going on. Explain your hurt and how you feel. Get the help and support you need.


I wrote this post as a warning. A way for people who might be teetering on the edge of a binge drinking problem to see that there really is a problem. A lot of us don’t see issue with it until we’ve hit our rock bottom (or two). That shouldn’t be the case.

My inbox is open to anyone who is having issues of their own. Feel free to send me an email or messages through my various social media accounts.


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