How to Combat “Meh” Days

How to Combat “Meh” Days

Everyone has what I call a “meh” day. It’s the kind of day where you don’t feel that good, but it’s not because you’re getting sick. It’s the kind of day (or days) where all you want to do is lay in bed, even when you have things to do. It could also be a time where you feel  a depressive episode coming on.

There’s nothing wrong with a day or two like that, but when it starts to become more common, or you just don’t like feeling that way, there are ways to combat your “meh” days.

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Take a Shower

If you’re ever feeling not that great, my number one piece of advice is to take a shower. Is getting a good night’s sleep is a hard reset for your body, a shower is like a soft reset. It’s a way to wash off anything that’s troubling you, and you can come out clean and new!

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Do a Self Care Routine

Self care isn’t always related to beauty, but for me a lot of it is. Doing a skin care routine, putting on my fancy lotions and serums, and maybe even venturing out into a face mask. Doing something just for you is definitely a must if you’re not having a good day.

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Take a Nap

If you’re still not feeling okay after the shower, or you’re not up for taking one, a short nap could be just what you need. Sometimes when you feel tired you actually are tired and it’s not because you’re bored.

If you’ve been laying around in bed all day and you’re tired, that could just be because you haven’t done anything. But if you had a stressful or active day in the past few days, a nap could be just what your body needs.

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Go Outside

Just being outside can brighten your mood and make you feel better. Obviously this works best in warmer weather, but sometimes a quick burst of cold air from the winter weather could be what you need to jump start your day.

Seasonal depression is a real thing, so during the darker, colder months, it might get harder for someone dealing with that. But the act of going outside could still be beneficial. 



Take a Walk/Do Some Exercise

Along with going outside, going for a short walk is also beneficial for combating a “meh” day. Not only are you getting the fresh air of being outside, but you’re moving your body and getting things going. Sometimes we just need a little jump start to get things going.

If you’re like me and there’s a small window of warm weather without an abundance of pollen, you can always head to the gym. I love swimming, so I’m indoors without the pollen, but still moving around. On the plus side, you’ll most likely sleep better too!

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Watch Something to Make You Laugh

If the more physical options don’t work for you, try a more mental approach. My favorite way to get out of a “meh” day is to watch something I know I’m going to laugh at. 

I’m a YouTube junkie, so I’m more apt to watching some videos from my favorite content creators. But you can pop in a comedy movie, watch some stand up, or whatever else you could think of. 

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Talk to a Friend

There’s nothing better than having a good conversation with a friend. As an introvert, I don’t have many friends, but the few I have I consider very good friends. So even having a shorter conversation with them could lift my spirits.

Talk to a friend, check in on someone you haven’t heard from in a while, maybe even attempt to connect with someone from your childhood. 


What do you do to combat a “meh” day?


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  1. lovebecomesher

    Winter has had me feeling overly-meh, but these are great ideas. I can’t remember a time when a good sugar scrub didn’t leave me feeling refreshed and ready to go! Now, a nap is hit or miss for me, but if I feel it coming on I make sure not to fight it.

    1. Definitely. I was always prevented from taking naps growing up. It wasn’t really acceptable unless you were sick, so I take advantage of any naps my body needs now. lol

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