Apartment Glow Up: aka I Ransacked a Michael’s

Apartment Glow Up: aka I Ransacked a Michael’s

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Glow ups have become big things recently. Seeing how you’ve changed and grown over the years is a great way to show how different (or similar) you are from where you began.

So, to hop on this ‘glow up’ train, I’m going to give you the ‘after’ of what my apartment living room looks like since I’ve raided the various Michael’s and A.C Moore’s in my area.




I’m trying my damnedest to get into the spring fever that’s going around without actually ending up with “spring fever”.

As someone with allergies, flowers are just about my arch nemesis. They’re so pretty and some smell so great, but they make my eyes and throat itch, my nose run, give me a headache, and turn me down a notch or two. So once all the flowers bloom and start pollinating everything, I’m just about confined to my apartment with the windows closed and the air conditioning on if it’s warm enough.

I wanted to have the beauty of fresh flowers with the lack of allergy inducing particles that make me tear my hear out.

Insert: Fake Flowers!



Kitchen Sill

kitchen flowers

I just love how this turned out! I was able to use a “bouquet” bunch of flowers, which had a shorter stem than their regular flowers, and was only $5! I’m pretty sure the flowers I bought are these, the Pink & Orange Rose Bundle By Ashland®.

The jar is the Bottle with Lace and Jute Centerpiece By Ashland® and was only $3! Sitting on the sides of this flower display are a set of LED candles that came in a bundle of 8 for only $15!


Living Room Bookcase

Living room bookcase

The small candles are part of that LED candle set I mentioned above. The flowers are another bouquet, meaning it was only $5! This one is definitely the Purple Rose & Lavender Bundle By Ashland®. Apparently the bottle the flowers are in is considered a centerpiece. You can get it here as the Assorted Bottle Centerpiece By Ashland®.

The Escape sign was something I found in the 70% off section! It was part of the sea/shore section which seems to be the last “seasonal” section they had.


apartment glow up



Wall Decorations

living room wall

I’m still new at wall decorations, but I had some prints that came with my Fallout Loot Crates over the last year that I had been wanting to put up, but wanted some kind of frame to make them look better. I found these 11″ x 14″ mats in the frame section that worked perfectly! (And they were only 4.97 each, but had a discount) I was able to tape them to the back and hang them up with command strips.

I also found this “Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You” wall art in the sale section. It qualifies as Spring decor, so it was 50% off.


Makeup Table

makeup table

I put together a little makeup and accessories table in my bedroom and organized that better than just throwing all of my makeup in one basket. I got the organizing baskets at TJ Maxx. I believe they were about $7.99 or $8.99. They had a variety of sizes but were anywhere between $8-10.

The “Do What You Love” ceramic tabletop decor is another item from Michael’s that was in the sale section. I honestly can’t believe I had never realized they sold decor and not just art supplies!

I ordered the jewelry stand from amazon which was only about $13 or so. It cost extra for everything to be all black, so I went with the cheaper option. Honestly it looks better anyway.

The adorable succulent terrarium is from A.C. Moore, but I can’t find a link to it on their website. It was also half off and was only around $11 without tax.

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    Love!!! You make me want to redo my damn house! Awesome job! 😊

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        Well, ya did awesome! 😊

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