Top 4 Decluttering and Cleaning YouTubers

Top 4 Decluttering and Cleaning YouTubers

Top 4 Decluttering and Cleaning YouTubers


I’ve recently become super into the idea of decluttering and cleaning, and no, I don’t have Netflix, and have not seen a single second of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up. But man, have I heard all about it!

The concept of Marie Kondo, the KonMari method of decluttering, isn’t something new to me. She’s been around for ages. I first stumbled across her and her method on the sub-reddit r/minimalism.

In fact, her best-selling book The Life – Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing was published in 2011! That’s almost 10 years ago. 

So, now that spring cleaning is something a lot of us have on our mind, I’m going to list you my top youtubers who are involved in decluttering, cleaning, minimalism, and/or frugality.


Kristen McGowan

I first came across Kristen McGowan through her Kitchen + Pantry Organization Surprise Makeover video where she cleans out and organizes her parents’ kitchen as a surprise for them.

I love her style of video and she’s very thorough with explaining why she’s doing certain things. She also went to school for interior design, so she’s not only just one for decluttering and organizing. She also has a video where in just 24 hours, she redesigns her parents’ bedroom as a surprise for them too!



Jen is more on the designing aspect of things, but she has such a great personality I can’t help but watch. 

She does a lot of thrift store videos and shows how she DIYs her way into looking fabulous on a budget. She has also done a few room decorating videos which are pretty great. She has a Dollar Store Room Makeover video that’s worth checking out.


Top 4 Decluttering and Cleaning YouTubers


Jessica Tull


Jess is a great channel to watch if you have kids. She’s currently a mom to three young kids and she has so many videos that not only show how to clean up and declutter as a parent, but shows how sometimes when you have kids, things aren’t going to be in top shape all the time.

In the first video I watched there was a mishap where her son knocked over a dresser and broke it. Things happen when you have kids and showing how that can happen makes her and her channel just so much more relatable. She’s not a fancy youtuber where everything is perfect. 

My favorite of her videos is one where she test out natural cleaning recipes from Pinterest. It’s where I found the baking soda/ peroxide mixture that’s been amazing for me recently.


Pennies into Pearls


During my search for new decluttering and cleaning videos, I somehow stumbled across this channel. They’re not cleaning related, but they are frugal related. I spent a good portion of my work day listening to her shopping trips in the background while I went along with my day.

I believe they are a family of 5, and she has a $380 budget for food every month. She uses the envelop method and takes you through her shopping and what she buys. She has print outs so you can budget and save yourself money too. I believe she’s the only one that has a blog, which you can check out at


Do you watch any decluttering, organizing or frugal YouTube channels? Put them in the comments!


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