Spring Cleaning: The Stuff You Forget

Spring Cleaning: The Stuff You Forget


It’s officially spring! And with that everyone wants to clean out their physical, mental, and emotional clutter. It’s warmer and everything is waking up an

d becoming new, so why not get to doing a little yourself?

But when it comes to cleaning, sometimes there are things that we forget about or don’t realize should be cleaned out. I’m going to go through the things that I tend for forget (sometimes purposefully) to clean.

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As someone with a pretty bad dust allergy, blinds are my arch nemesis. All they do are collect dust and I personally think they’re the least effective at blocking sun compared to other options.

Have you ever cleaned your blinds?

Take a look at them. Sure, you might dust over them with a microfiber cloth or something, but have you actually cleaned them? 

I literally dragged my blinds into the shower and hosed them down the best I could. They are longer than I am tall and were only able to fit in my tub standing up, but I squirted some scrubbing bubbles bath cleaner on them, let them sit, and hosed them down. 

It may not have been the most effective, but my god, are they so much cleaner than they were before. 

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Behind Your Stove and Fridge

When was the last time you looked behind your oven or fridge? 

Probably never, right?

Well, if you take a look behind those monster appliances, you might just find some really yucky stuff. 

I haven’t gotten around to doing this at my apartment just yet (see the ‘sometimes purposefully’ forgetting mentioned earlier). I’m scared to do it because I don’t know what I’ll find, and my kitchen is so small that I’d have to have the time to get it all done in one shot because I’ll be trapped inside. 

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In Your Oven

just cleaned my oven for the first time in the entirety of living on my own. Mostly because I’ve been living in apartments and as long as it’s not actively growing things or messy, I can handle some grease. And even if I tried (like with my current oven) everything was so baked on that it barely did anything.

I’m probably going to look into some sort of non-toxic oven cleaner and try again. If you know of any, leave me a link in the comments!

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In Your Closet

When was the last time you vacuumed inside your closet? 

I know I haven’t in ages, simply because I have drawers and things in my closet so not much of my closet floor is actually visible.

But for those of you who don’t have use of your closet floor, when was the last time you vacuumed or cleaned up in there?

You’d be surprised what you can find there.

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Do you have any other overlooked places in your house? 


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  1. Emma

    I am not over mad on cleaning most of the time, but I totally have that spring clean feeling right now. I hate doing under my fridge and cooker but it has to be done!

    1. My kitchen is so small that it’s such a pain! I’m also in an apartment and genuinely scared to look. lol

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