Life Update: 2019 Hates Me

Life Update: 2019 Hates Me

Life Update: 2019 Hates Me

Every new year I think “what does this year have in store for me?” and “I hope this year goes well’, but apparently 2019 decided to shit all over my parade and started all that back in February. 

This is just a post to update anyone on what’s been going on in my life and why some months posts haven’t been as consistent.


February 2019

Literally a few days into February I was struck very suddenly with the most vile version of a stomach bug I have EVER had. When I say bad, I mean bad. To skip over the symptoms (no one wants to read about that) I ended up in the ER because by the time I made it to the walk in clinic I was so dehydrated my blood pressure dropped to the point where I had to fight to stay conscious. 

So I spent a few hours in the ER getting IV fluids, a dose of ativan because it caused a panic attack, and a CT scan of my abdomen to make sure nothing was amiss. 

Here’s a list of all the charges I accrued from this visit:

  • The Ambulance ride ended up being $269.84 after insurance
  • The hospital visit was $2,093.68 after insurance
  • The follow up visit a few days later cost $162.13 after insurance.

I was able to get a payment plan for the hospital visit bill, so I’ll be paying about $233 per month for the rest of the year.



My depression has been getting worse lately. I spent weeks just waking up, going to work, coming home, and going to bed. Sometimes I might play a video game for a half hour, but I mostly just curled up in bed to either sleep or watch YouTube videos on my phone.

I’ve currently replaced the depression with anxiety as I’m now super stressed about my financial situation.


Life Update: 2019 Hates Me


My Jeep

Oh, my lovely Jeep. She’s 13 years old, so she’s in a bit of a rebellious stage… Which started the other day when she wouldn’t start trying to go home from work. I spent two hours outside with AAA trying to figure out what the problem was. They couldn’t figure it out so I had to have it towed.

Now, I’ve needed my brakes done for a while now. I was told that back in January when I got an oil change. So when I was still under the impression that my car only needed a jump start, I made an appointment for my brakes the next morning. How convenient! 

So they towed her away and plopped her in the parking lot of the Meineke down the road from me. Turns out the fuel pump needed to be replaced. Between that and the brakes, plus tax, and minus a $50 off coupon, my total came to $873.03.

So I’m done for a while, right? I finally got my car back with the much needed maintenance done and everything’s fine…

Yeah, not so much.

Turns out my car makes some noises that I’ve considered normal but to a mechanic who knows what cars should sound like, wasn’t. He thinks it might be bearings or tire related, but not something that needs to be done right away. He’ll give it a look when I go in for my next oil change. So I have more car related expenses in my future. 

I had planned my very first vacation as an adult as a treat for myself this June, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford it now that all these car expenses are showing up. 

So that’s what I’ve been doing with my life. I’m going to have to find a way to deal with the stress of all of this. Once the anxiety of the initial diagnosis and charge wears off, the reality of everything will probably set in. I can’t afford a new car, even if it’s already used, so keeping up the one I have is my old option. There are a few other things that need fixing, but they’re too expensive and not worth putting all the money into it at this point in the game. Both issues would be over $1,000 each. 

I’m trying my damnedest to stay positive, but it’s just so hard at this point.


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