Life Update: August 2019

Life Update: August 2019

Life Update_ August 2019

Well, if you were wondering why I haven’t been very active lately, here’s a bit of an update.

If you missed out on Life Update: 2019 Hates Me, check that out. 2019 has not been kind to me at all. Like, Things kept going to wrong, and it decided to come to a head in August. 

I had a recent issue involving boundaries with a family member that lead to my post How to Know When it’s Time To Set Boundaries. Things can get pretty rough when you try to create boundaries and people keep breaking them. Eventually you hit a breaking point, which is what happened with me.

So, a great way to get away from some problems like this is maybe a weekend away? How about a trip to the beach! That sounds great right?

So I planned with my friend who I went on vacation with (check out my post on that here), packed up a bag with all of my beach things, including water shoes since Connecticut beaches seem to be a bit more… seashell laden than the Jersey Shore, and got myself ready for the beach!

If you’ve been keeping up with things so far, you might gander that something was going to go wrong. And you would be right. 


This is what I walked out to when I tried packing up my car:



Yeah, some asshole decided a 2007 Jeep Liberty with no air conditioning was the best choice in the parking lot of my apartment building to try and steal.

It’s been over two weeks and my car hasn’t really been fixed. Well, it has, but it’s complicated.

In order to fix everything, the key fobs needed to be reprogrammed to work with the car. Unfortunately when I went to go pick it up the other day, it seems that the programming for that wasn’t entirely fixed right. Random dash lights kept going on, and when I told the car shop about that they said I needed to return it because something wasn’t calibrated right.

So I’m still in a rental.


Life Update_ August 2019


In other news, due to my current apartment is raising the rent, and the recent break in, I’m moving! I’ll be moving closer to work, which is nice, but I’ll have two roommates. They seem nice enough. Maybe I’ll do a bedroom tour post once I get in and settled!

So, that’s what’s been going on, and still is going on. If you want to help out with some of the financial aspects of all of this (car insurance deductibles aren’t cheap!) You can donate through my Ko-Fi page here.


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  1. Sophie Harriet

    That’s such bad luck, your car being broken into just before you were going on vacation! I’ve just bought you a ko-fi, and I hope things get better for you soon! x

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much!!! <3 I'll be moving out at the end of the month and hopefully leaving all that mess behind 🙂

      1. Sophie Harriet

        You’re so welcome! 💕It will be great to have a fresh start and hopefully forget about the bad stuff! Looking forward to a bedroom tour post if you do one 🙂

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