5 Things to Do to Keep on Top of Your Cleaning

5 Things to Do to Keep on Top of Your Cleaning

5 Things to Do to Keep on Top of Your Cleaning

No one likes having to deep clean their entire house or apartment. Usually it’s not that fun of an experience. If you don’t keep up with some of the more daily tasks, you might find yourself needing more time, more products, and cleaning up more gunk.

I’m not perfect with keeping up with my cleaning or tidying, but I try my best. There are some thing you can do daily that can cut down on your weekly or monthly cleaning.


Do Dishes When You Use Them

This is something I’m terrible with, but when I actually do clean up my dishes within an hour of using them it feels better, my kitchen isn’t full of dirty dishes, and things just look better. I now have a dishwasher and it’s absolutely amazing! I only do dishes once a week and it’s made my life so much better.

You don’t have to do the dishes immediately after you’ve finished eating, you can give it an hour or two, especially if you used various pots and/or pans that are still warm. But before you decide to go to the next thing, get up and do those dishes. I know you’re not going to want to, and you might have to force yourself to do it, but you will feel better once you get that out of the way.


Tidy Up As You Go

This is a given. I’m, bad with this because there are days where I just throw my clothes in the corner and change into some PJs for comfy time after work. And sometimes those clothes sit there for a few days, even a week, because I just can’t get myself to tidy up. But if I stand back and look at my room overall, it’s messy, my bed isn’t made, and it makes my mind feel as cluttered as the room.

So what you can do is tidy things up when you see them. See some mail that’s out of place? Get that taken care of straight away. Have some dishes that are finished drying? Put them away in the cupboard. Have a pile of clothes on the floor of your room? Fold them or throw them in the laundry hamper.

Now when you go to clean up on the weekend you will have less to do!

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Wipe Things Down After You Use Them

This qualifies for things like the kitchen counter, desks, sinks, toilets, etc. When I do the dishes, when I’m finished I always wipe down the counters with either a multi-purpose spray or an antibacterial wipe. I like to make sure that the counters are clean, the sink has been cleaned (I have a garbage disposal), wipe up any drips on the floor, garbage can, or fridge.

I live with roommates now and they’re a bit younger than me and Ph.d students… and they’re not as observant as I am when it comes to cleanliness. I’ve moved past the point of “as long as there isn’t anything blatantly wrong, I’m good” into wanting have my own home and taking pride in keeping it tidy and clean.

This also goes for bathrooms as well. I’m always wiping down the sink and the toilet. I use toilet bowl cleaner at least once a day, and I have a daily shower spray to keep the shower from getting all gross.

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Take Out Garbage When You Need To

I don’t know about you, but I kind of hate having to take out the garbage or recycling. Especially now that I’m in a new apartment where there is one recycling receptacle for a large area of the grounds. It’s quite a ways away in comparison to the garbage can, so sometimes boxes and recyclables pile up.

Especially with garbage, don’t wait around to throw it out. I was notorious for this in my last place because I lived in an apartment building and it was more commonplace for someone to empty their garbage and leave the bag outside their front door until they left the house so there wasn’t an extra trip.

But who really wants that gross bag in your house or apartment any longer than it already is? Just throw it out. It’ll take maybe 5 minutes to do and then you won’t have to worry about it for a while.

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5 Things to Do to Keep on Top of Your Cleaning


Vacuum Regularly

Even though the guys I live with are from a culture where taking off your shoes before entering the house is a thing, our entryway and surrounding rooms (kitchen/living room) still end up with debris everywhere. 

Now that I’m living with other people, the place gets dirtier faster. I usually vacuum at least once a week, and usually mostly the kitchen. It gets rid of any of the outside that made its way in, and makes things look nicer. I also will mop the kitchen and entryway regularly as well. I have a Swiffer mop and use the wet pads. 

Vacuuming on a regular basis makes it so there isn’t a huge build up of stuff that needs to be sucked away. While I know I’m probably not the only person who is satisfied with the sound of actively vacuuming up stuff, I like cleaner floors better.

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Do you do any of these things? Is there something you do that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know!


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