5 Best Office Holiday Present Swap Gifts That Your Coworkers Will Actually Like

5 Best Office Holiday Present Swap Gifts That Your Coworkers Will Actually Like

5 Best Office Holiday Present Swap Gifts That Your Coworkers Will Actually Like // So it's that time of the year again, and with that can come an office gift swap of some kind. But, what the hell do you get someone that would be worth it for whatever the arbitrary price limit is? Click here to find out!

So it’s that time of the year again, and with that can come an office gift swap of some kind. But, what the hell do you get someone that would be worth it for whatever the arbitrary price limit is?

I’m about to delve into this again for myself and the company I work for. We do a Yankee Swap, where we pick gifts blindly and you have the choice to either steal someone else’s gift or choose your own.

Our limit this year $20, so what do Gift can you get for someone that isn’t considered junk? What can you give someone that isn’t exactly lame or useless? Keep reading to find out.


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Gift Cards

This is the generic go-to for things like this, and you know what, it isn’t really that bad. You just have to choose the right location.

Think about the people you’re swapping with, what is a place that they would, on average, go to? Is there a restaurant everyone likes to order from on occasion? Are your Co-workers coffee fiends and frequent a local or chain coffee place? Is there a local hot spot that people tend to go to after work?

You see where I’m getting at.

Gift cards can be a good thing if you get them for the right place. Get someone who hates coffee a coffee related gift card, and that might not go over well. 

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Lottery Tickets

You know what’s something that people can enjoy that they normally don’t (at least I don’t) spend their own money on?

Lottery Tickets.

No, not the megaball or whatever state or national lotteries, the small scratch off kinds that you can buy in a kiosk at your local grocery store.

This works out well for lower priced swaps because you get more bang for your buck. Not only does the recipient get the excitement of scratching off to see if they won (that’s totally a mental thing. Same thing with loot boxes) they also have the possibility of actually winning something.

Someone did this at our Yankee Swap a few years ago and I thought it was a fantastic idea.


Spa Gift Basket

You don’t have to go out and buy a gift basket, you can probably make one for cheaper. Go to your local dollar store and find a basket you like. Head over to your favorite discount store like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx and find some smaller items you can put in your basket. 

The clearance section is great for things like this if they aren’t completely damaged or used. A lot of times, things go in the clearance section because they’re out of season. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care if my bath bombs are summer scented or winter scented. They’re going to smell amazing regardless, and if you can get one for dollars cheaper, it makes the most sense!

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Pre-Packaged Gifts

Every store has some kind of pre-packaged gift section. Usually these contain drink mixes like coffee or hot chocolate, various kinds of candy, or the occasional mug/sock combo. Places like Target also carry beauty and bath related sets that could also work. Who doesn’t like getting pretty smelling lotions?

I got one that was geared towards Jack Daniels bbq sauce and grilling, one year before I traded with someone else. Companies you may not even think about put these things together, so you can find one for just about anyone.

Find one that you think would fit the most for your office that’s in your price range. 

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Homemade Goodies

Are you a magician in the kitchen? Does the office love it when you bring in left overs from your most recent party? Do you put together Christmas cookies every year?

Well, do I have a suggestion for you!

You can get a pretty gift box and line it with wax paper and fill it with as many baked goods as you can! If your goodies are in as demand as you think they are, that might just be the gift that makes someone’s day


That Your Coworkers Will Actually Like



  • Gift cards, but smartly picked gift cards. Don’t get the guy with a gluten intolerance a gift card to the local doughnut shop (unless they offer gluten free doughnuts!)
  • Lottery Tickets: head over to Stop and Shop and grab a couple of scratch off lottery tickets. You can even put them in a little box to make it look pretty
  • Spa gift set: not only do they make these if you don’t have a lot of extra time but you can also make one yourself for a similar or cheaper price.
  • Pre-Packaged Sets: Just about every company is cashing in on Christmas gifts, so you can find a box or basket with whatever it is you think fits best. 
  • Homemade goodies: bake to your heart’s desire and wrap them up in a box with a pretty bow. 


What do you think about my suggestions? Would you rather receive a box of home made goodies or a store bought gift set?


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  1. romcomdojo

    Definitely homemade goodies! I wish more people would do this at work gift exchanges!

    1. The problem I have at my work is that almost half the small office is related, so they get any homemade goodies regularly… And they also bring them in regardless. Lol. I’m thinking of doing lottery tickets this year, maybe with some homemade goodies along with it.

  2. gypsysoulsun

    Great ideas! I think journals and pretty pens are nice too!

    1. Those are great for the right kind of people! I know I would love them, but I know my coworkers really wouldn’t use them much. lol.

        1. We also usually do silly gifts, so I’ll keep the journals all for myself. Muahaha. lol. Love me a good journal <3

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