How to Plan for the Rest of Your Life + Workbook!

How to Plan for the Rest of Your Life + Workbook!


How to Plan for the Rest of You Life

The rest of your life sounds like a really long time, right? Well, why not get a head start and get to figuring out what and how you’re going to be doing everything.

Having a plan is the best way to go! But how do you go about doing that? 

In this post I’m going to go through what I want to do to plan my life, and how you can take my plans and implement them into your life.

If you want to read more about that, continue reading!

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Planning for the rest of you life, or at the very least, the foreseeable future can be a daunting task. I’m going to break down things by what I want to have done and a preferable timeline for it. The best way to plan for anything is to break it down. 

I have a post about what I want to happen with my blog for 2020, and I imagine I will be able to get a good portion of those things up and running for the first quarter alone!


Plan for the Rest of Your Life: 2020


Blog Life

For my blog life, I hope that I can have all of the things identified in that Blog Goals for 2020, along with a few things. Here’s the run down:

  • Get the blog self-hosted with an owned domain name
  • Launch the first e-book Depressive Moments: a Self Care Guide for Days When Depression Hits Hardest (working title!)
  • Start a Newsletter/Email list
    • This requires a PO box or address to put on the newsletter by law
  • Launch an e-course about finding yourself/your life goal. I’m still working on this.
  • Start writing and publish a second e-book about being a Millennial Spinster


Personal Life

My personal life is a bit more complicated than that. If you aren’t aware, I had a bit of an epiphany not long ago that I want to pursue blogging as a second job, and have my “dream job” as a housewife/homemaker. I feel a bit guilt about it simply because I’ve been told me entire life that I need to succeed and to be a successful person I need to be a career woman.

However, even though I’ve gone through my bachelor’s degree, and I don’t regret going to college, despite the debt I’m still paying off, I think at this point in my life what would make me happy is to keep a home, and be a housewife.

Unfortunately that’s a bit hard to do while single and renting an apartment with two roommates. So what I would like to happen within the next 1-3 years is:

  • As cheesy as it sounds, find love, find a partner, and have a healthy, happy relationship. 
  • Move into a home or condo or apartment where I can keep it clean, organized, and even dabble into decorating!
  • Learn more about cooking, baking, decorating, and how to be a good host. That was never something my family was big on, so I honestly don’t know.


How YOU Can Implement These Things

If you don’t know what you want to do, I suggest taking a look at a few of these posts I have:


You don’t have to plan out the rest of your life right now, but you can take it one step at a time, one month at a time.

What Do You Want to Do?

Figure out what you want to do, if you don’t have an exact goal, you can always pick something more abstract like “happy” or “successful”.

How do you achieve that? What makes you happy or what do you view as successful? Answer these questions for each time segment you want. This could be monthly, bi-monthy, quarterly, half a year, yearly, whatever!

  • How can you become closer to being happy/successful/whatever it is you want to be?
  • What steps can you take to get there?
  • Are there any obstacles in the way of you reaching your goal?
    • How can you move past these obstacles?
  • Are there any concerns you have about achieving these goals?
    • What are they? How can you combat them? 
  • What are the cons of these goals? 
    • How can you prepare for any issues you might face?
  • How can you break these things up into smaller chunks?


Click here for the Plans for the Rest of Your Life PDF


Rest of You Life



  • Figure out what you want to do
  • Make plans for a certain amount of time you want
  • Answer the Plans for the Rest of Your Life PDF for each time period
  • DO IT


What do you think of my plans? What are your plans for the next chunk of time? Let me know in the comments below!


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