The Single Housewife: Cleaning My Kitchen – Before and After

The Single Housewife: Cleaning My Kitchen – Before and After

The Single Housewife: Cleaning My Kitchen - Before and After // Clean with my as I show you the before and after of cleaning my kitchen! #beforeafter #Cleanwithme #Cleaning #organization #housewife #singlehousewife

As a potential future housewife, I’m taking this time to hone my skills in cleaning, organizing, and decorating. I hope this can be a series where I show off and develop those skills while giving you a little sneak peek into my life.

During the Thanksgiving break, my roommates went to visit friends and family, and I took that time to deep clean the kitchen to the best of my ability at the time. Part of me loves a deep clean, but I hate getting dirty. It’s an odd mix.

I’m going to show you some before and after photos and video, and give you a list of everything I used to clean up!

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The Single Housewife: Cleaning My Kitchen – Before


My kitchen may not seem so bad in these photos, but my roommates don’t have the same standards as me, and that’s okay! I’m learning to live with them and they’re learning to live with me. I like things cleaned and put away as soon as you can, especially now that there is a dishwasher involved.

But they cook things daily, where I tend to do batch cooking in my slow cooker on the weekends.


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They leave appliances out that don’t get used all the time, where as I would try to put them in a cabinet until needed. They also keep out spices they use on a daily basis, where I would rather things look clean and tidy and put away.


Cleaning products


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I first cleaned everything with the Mrs. Meyer’s to get the initial grime and crumbs off the counters. Thankfully, I asked my roommates to put away any appliances they weren’t using which they graciously agreed to. 

I then went over everything with the bleach for a good disinfecting. I clean up after myself, but I’m wary of any potential germs getting on food, so I rather be safe than sorry. We don’t have any pets or small children, so it seemed like a good choice.

I vacuumed the kitchen floor, because there were so many crumbs all over the place! Things like to hide under cabinets and in crevices and considering we had a few bug sightings, I want to prevent them from showing up by making sure everything is cleaned up.

After the vacuum, I went over the floor with the heavy duty swiffer mop pads. I actually had to go through multiple pads for just the floor because of how dirty it is! I do need to get me a regular mop and give it a good scrub at some point, but I’m only a renter and feel I’m putting in so much effort for it to just get trashed again when I leave.

I was able to put the dish drainer in the dishwasher to give that a clean, because if you keep leaving wet dishes in there, especially if they aren’t organized, it will start to get dirty and gross itself.

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The Single Housewife: Cleaning My Kitchen – After



One of my roommates said he was shocked at how clean the kitchen was. This is what I would love for it to look like all the time, but I know that a kitchen being used isn’t going to be able to stay this spotless all the time. 

I felt incredibly satisfied and that it was a productive day after all this. I look back at this video and it’s kind of calming in a way. 

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The Single Housewife: Cleaning My Kitchen - Before and After // Clean with my as I show you the before and after of cleaning my kitchen! #beforeafter #Cleanwithme #Cleaning #organization #housewife #singlehousewife


What do you think of my cleaning? Do you want to see more of these posts? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. sseigler2

    I really need to clean my kitchen, your before pictures are great in comparison to the way mine looks now.

  2. Unwanted Life

    Although your cleaning skills are good, I don’t think you should allow your housemates to slack off so they can leave the cleaning to you. They’ll end up taking advantage of you to do almost all the cleaning otherwise

    1. They’re early 20s PhD students. I don’t know how to go about talking to them about it. I think one actually *does* do some cleaning but the other cancels it out with his mess. lol

      1. Unwanted Life

        Call a group meeting where you set up some kind of cleaning rota? They need to learn to be able to look after themselves at some point

        1. One of them is so oblivious I honestly think he doesn’t see the mess I see. There’s far more important things to bring up than that. Need to pick my battles.

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