The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Depression Days

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Depression Days


Depression Days are rough. But there's a way to get through them a little less painfully. If you follow this ultimate guide to preparing for depression days, you won't be so caught off guard when they show up. #depression #depressiondays #depressivemoments

Days when your depression creeps up on you are pretty damn annoying, if I say so myself. I hate when I wake up in the morning and yesterday was completely fine, but today my depression decided I’m not be able to get out of bed, want to cry more than usual, and really can’t bother with making myself presentable for work.

Depression days are rough and the best way to combat them is to be prepared for when they show up. I’m going to go through the things that I keep and have in place for when my depression rears its ugly head and tries to get in the way of my life.

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The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Depression Days

Depression Days, or what I like to call the Depressive Moments, are the few days where your depression symptoms pop up, sometimes out of nowhere, and interfere with your life. I’m writing an ebook about all of this and if you’d like to learn more about it, check out my ebooks page and sign up to receive updates!

The best way to combat depression days, or depressive moments, are to be prepared. And to be prepared you’re going to need a variety of things. This is my list of things you should have in preparation for a depression day.

Comfy Lounge Clothes

This is a must have when you’re in the middle of a depressive moment. Having comfortable, clean clothes is the first thing to have.

This works well for me as I have a few pairs of sweat pants and comfortable clothes in my closet and I only really wear them for pajamas.

If you’re not one to dress down and lounge around in pajamas or sweat pants, get yourself an outfit that is comfy enough to give you some comfort when you’re having a bad day.


Comfy Work Clothes

Depressive moments don’t discriminate based on days of the week. It’s very possible that you might wake up in the middle of the week and have to go to work with your depression symptoms in full swing.

Find your favorite work clothes or get yourself a comfortable outfit to wear to work and keep it off to the side. Keep this outfit for days when you’re not feeling your best. That way it’s not in your rotation so you don’t accidentally wear it and then need it again a few days later but there’s a stain on it. No one likes doing laundry when they’re feeling depressed.


A Comforting Smell

Don’t underestimate the power of smell. Having a good scented room or yourself smelling good can really change your mood. Aromatherapy is a thing and it’s pretty damn powerful.

You have so many options for this:

  • Candles
  • Room Sprays
  • Scented Plug Ins
  • Lotions
  • Roll on Oils
  • Oil Diffusers
  • Incense

Figure out what scents are comforting for you. I recently found out that a cinnamon apple smell is something that’s comforting for me. I’m really fond of the “Hot Apple Toddy” scent from Bath and Body Works.


Food to Eat in your Fridge/Freezer

This is a huge thing for me. Who wants to cook when they’re feeling all depressed?

Not me!

That’s why I try to keep something in the freezer that I can easily heat up if I have moments like this. It also works for if you fall ill as well! Even if it’s something you bought in the frozen food section of your grocery store or left overs, having something readily available is a must have for emergencies like this.

My favorite form of frozen food is left overs or extras from batch cooking. If you make your favorite dish and make just a little bit extra to freeze, you’ll have that on hand for when you have a day you really need it.

That way you make sure you actually eat (since some people don’t like to eat when their depression starts, or is causes them to not want to eat) and makes sure you’re having at least one good meal that day.

You can also order via delivery apps like Doordash. If you use my referral code we both get a discount!


Playlist to Laugh At/Calm Down

I am a YouTube junkie. Just about everything I watch comes from there. So I have an arsenal of YouTubers that make me laugh on hand for days when all I want to do is curl up into a ball and cry.

I also have a collection of ASMRtists I watch on YouTube that help with calming down, feeling relaxed, and getting to sleep. I listen to ASMR videos just about every night to go to sleep.

So make a playlist of some of your favorite videos or videos that make you laugh and keep them at the ready for when you really need a cheering up.


Planner to Track Moods

If you use a planner or calendar on a daily basis, find a way that you can track your moods using those tools. This comes with multiple benefits:

  • you can see if your depressive moments have a pattern
  • you can see if your depressive moments are related to any holidays
  • you can see if you’re due for a depressive moment and plan accordingly

This helps not only you, but your doctor. If you are being treated for depression, having a set of data that you can show your doctor about when you tend to feel more depressed than usual that could be incredibly beneficial to your treatment. They may notice something you didn’t and it could have a positive impact on your life.


Journal to Write Down Emotions

One thing I don’t do often enough is writing in a journal. I used to write daily in my journal as a kid, but it took my father going through said journal when I was in high school for me to not want to write down my thoughts and emotions anymore. It kind of broke my trust and ruined the whole ‘writing things down’ thing for me.

But when I do write down my thoughts, I usually go on tangents that I didn’t even know were bothering me. It’s my subconscious’s way of letting out what’s going on in my head that I’m trying to push away or not bother dealing with.

So try grabbing a notebook and writing down how you feel when you have these moments. It’s a way to document how you feel as well as potentially getting more out of it than you thought, like I do.


Weighted Blanket (Optional)

This is something I invested in a few years ago and absolutely LOVE it.

I now cannot sleep without it. I love having the comfort of the blanket on top of me. It’s a very calming experience. It’s very helpful for those of us with depression and/or anxiety.

I say this is optional because I know not everyone can afford a weighted blanket. They’re very expensive, but worth every penny. I found mine at a Brookstone that was going out of business so I found it 75% off.

They’ve become more popular over the years, so you might be able to find them on sale. 


Depression Days



  • Comfy lounge clothes for when you can curl up in your own bed.
  • Comfy work clothes for when you have to go to work, even though you don’t want to.
  • Comforting smells in various forms that can keep you going throughout the day.
  • Pre-prepared or easy ordered food you can have in a moment’s notice.



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