Why Don’t I Have Motivation Anymore?

Why Don’t I Have Motivation Anymore?

Why Don't I Have Motivation Anymore_

Having motivation is the thing that helps get us up in the morning. It helps us do what needs to be done and maybe even a little more.

But if you’re noticing your motivation is slowly going down, or is completely missing, you might be asking yourself “why don’t I have motivation anymore?”

There are a lot of reasons why your motivation might be waning. I’m going to go over the reasons my motivation has come and gone and how I managed to combat that.

Why Don’t I Have Motivation Anymore?

There can be so many reasons why your motivation might have packed its bags and gone on vacation. I know reasons for me have ranged from a physical health problem, mental health problems, to eating habits.

But the one thing that happens when your motivation slows or leaves, is your productivity and overall quality of life can drop significantly. You won’t have energy to do things, no drive to get things done, even if you absolutely have to do something.
There’s nothing worse than needing to get something done but not having any desire to do it.


Physical Health Problems

One of the easier fixes for why my motivation tanked was when I discovered I have hypothyroidism. It’s a mild case and I’m only on a small dosage of medication for it, but man did the symptoms kill me.

I was cold all the time, mentally and physically exhausted, my hair was falling out, my nails were so brittle they kept splitting, and the biggest issue of all, it gave me more depression than I already have. I had double depression!

But when you’re exhausted like that you have no motivation to get up, never mind actually do things.

Once I was properly medicated for the issue it was like an awakening. I was astounded that people didn’t always have to feel down and unmotivated to do anything. It was literally life changing for me.

So if you have some symptoms like these, consider getting yourself over to your primary care physician and see what they think. A simple blood test is all you need to figure out whether or not you have an issue.


Mental Health Issues

Depression and anxiety rule my life. I haven’t found out how to properly conquer them, but I can keep them at bay for the most part. This is my biggest reason for having little to no motivation.

It’s so much easier to give in to the depression and just stay in bed all weekend and not do anything.

Mental health issues can really take a tole on you, no matter which illness is causing them. They can zap your energy, throw you emotions out of whack, and so much more. For me, depression creeps in most weekends.

It doesn’t help that I’m not sleeping well. According to my fitbit, I get an average of “fair” level sleep per night. I’ve only had one “good” night since I started wearing it to sleep, and that’s not a good thing.

If your mental health is acting up, talk to your provider about it and see what the best course of action is for you. Some times that’s medication, and sometimes that’s a type of therapy or self care tips you can try at home.


Poor Diet

Not eating right and fueling your body can really put a damper on your energy, never mind your motivation. Who wants to be motivated when they feel like crap and are sluggish?

Eating junk food and not getting the proper nutrients in your diet can really make you sluggish. I’m in the process of trying to figure out how to eat right. I’ve had various eating disorders throughout my life and eating is a touchy subject for me. I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t like a lot of healthier foods like vegetables.

I haven’t been able to keep on track long enough to track how it will effect me in the long run, but I do know that eating junk food makes me feel sluggish, bloated, and overall just not well. This also works for carbs too, at least for me. Too many carbs will make me feel like I’ve just stuffed myself with Thanksgiving dinner.

If your motivation has been waning lately, take a moment to see if you’ve been eating a lot of junk food. See if you’ve been neglecting your veggies and fruits. Try making some soup or get a delivery from doordash.


Stress in Life

A big motivation sucker is stress. No one wants to do things when you’re stressed out.

For me this includes my anxiety going up, and my binge eating issues surfacing again. So not only do I have stress about whatever outside problem is happening, I then have stress about the other things that come out when I’m stressed out.

People experience stress and react to stress in many different ways. Your stress reaction might be to be more productive than before. Some people clean or bake when they’re stressed out. That might not be helping with your problem, but you’ll at least have a clean bathroom or some cupcakes to eat later.

Unfortunately I’m not one of those people. I tend to be more of the “hide in my room, in bed, under the covers” kind of person. So when life gets rough for me, my energy tanks because my mental health issues start acting up.

Next time you’re low on motivation, take the time to think about if you’re under a lot of stress. Maybe schedule a self care day or a weekend where you can recharge yourself to get back on track.


You Aren’t Sleeping Well

Like I mentioned earlier, wearing my fitbit to sleep has made me more aware of how bad my sleeping really is. And this isn’t any fault of my own. I do everything I can to make sure I’m sleeping well, my body just isn’t doing what it’s supposed to.

I sleep with an eye mask because my room has two windows that face the front of the apartment that’s lit up at night. I have prescribed medication I take at night to quell my anxiety so I can sleep better. I use CBD products to supplement the medication. I also get in bed about an half hour to an hour before I go to sleep to “settle” in. And to top it all off, I sleep with a white noise machine, fan to keep cool, and a weighted blanket. After all that, my body still isn’t getting the right amount of sleep.

For me, my motivation tanks when I’m tired and fatigued. And I’m tired and fatigued when I’m not sleeping my best.

I haven’t figured out why this is a problem for me. But I am considering a sleep test if things don’t get better.

If you’re not getting the right kinds of sleep, that could be what’s making your motivation decline. Try out some of the things I do, like an eye mask or ear plugs, see if CBD is something you want to add to your life, and if you don’t melatonin is a popular product for sleep aid.


You Haven’t Been Moving

Sometimes I have no motivation to do anything, but I need to get something done like cleaning up my room, doing the laundry, or doing the dishes. Like, there’s no way I can put this off any longer. So I have to do it. I force myself to start it and…

It creates the motivation I was looking for!

This doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen frequently. It’s part of the “5 minute rule” concept, where if you have something to do that will take 5 minutes or less, do right now. A lot of the time doing that is the catalyst that you need to get yourself going.
When you’re not doing anything it’s a lot easier to not do anything.

There’s a reason you grumble when you’re asked to do a chore when you’ve finally sat down to relax, or have been relaxing for a while. This post was inspired by my lack of motivation to do anything with my blog, so it sparked a post idea. When you’re doing something you’re going to find it easier to do more things. And here I am now writing and being productive!


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  • You have a hidden physical health problem that’s making your motivation tank. Mine was hypothyroidism. If you suspect this could be the case, talk to your doctor.
  • You have a mental health issue that’s creeping up. Depression can really suck your energy and your motivation.
  • You’re not eating right. If you’ve been on a junk food binge lately, that could be another reason why you don’t have motivation to do things.
  • There’s something stressing you out. Whatever it is, it’s stressing you out and you have no motivation because of it.
  • You aren’t sleeping well. Bad sleep can really put a damper on just about anything, including motivation.
  • You’re an object at rest, which is easier to stay at rest than to move. Start with something small to get you moving and that motivation flowing.

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  1. Michael Kelly

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and tips about getting motivated. My experience with curing a lack of motivation is that you need to be motivated to do it. For that reason, if a person’s motivation is really low it can be hard to deal with even if the person knows the reasons for their lack of motivation. When it gets to that point, it can take an external motivator to start getting motivated again.

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