Being Single Should Be The Best Times In Your Life. Here’s Why

Being Single Should Be The Best Times In Your Life. Here’s Why

Being Single Should Be The Best Times In Your Life. Here's Why

Being single is seen as a terrible thing in our culture. And I get it. In a world where the main objective of most people is to find a partner to spend their life with, not having one can be a bit daunting. Especially if you’re one of those people who want to find a partner as their life goal.

But being single doesn’t have to be boring and bleak. Being single should be a time to explore who you are, what you want, an improve yourself.

I’ve currently been single for over 10 years. Some of this was by choice, some of it not so much, so I have the experience to tell you how to spend your time as a single guy or gal.

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Being Single Should Be The Best Times In Your Life. Here’s Why

When you’re without a partner you should take every day as a new day to explore the world and yourself. Once you have a partner, while a lovely thing in itself, you now have another person to worry about and compromise with.

While you’re single you have the opportunities to do whatever it is you want without having to worry about what your other half wants, needs, or their opinion on what you’re doing.

Do What You Want

This is something you can exercise every day. Take the little things like what kind of coffee you’re going to get, or even taking the time to grab a coffee from your favorite cafe instead of making it yourself once a week if your budget allows.

It can be as simple as deciding to get back to the gym and go every morning or every evening after work. It can be dressing how you want without a worry about what anyone else thinks.

I didn’t take advantage of this as much as I should have. But right now I’m definitely going to do more of this. I’m going to be heading back to the gym after work, going to places and events on my own, and I’m definitely going to give a coffee from the local cafe a try. (If you’re in the Hartford, CT area give Rebel Dog Coffee a try!)

I’m also going to dress how I want. This isn’t because I was afraid of what others would think, but because I had no desire to. My depression really did a number on me in recent times so I’ve been neglecting my personal appearance.

I recently bought the Jeffree Star Blood Lust palette (It’s gorgeous!) and I’m going to play around with makeup again.

I’ve also been taking this time to go on vacations with a friend of mine. Last year we went to my childhood vacation spot, Seaside Heights, NJ. This year we’re going a bit farther south and giving Wildwood, NJ a try. It’s been well over a decade and a half since

I’ve been there, so it will be fun to see again.

Whatever it is that you want to do, do it. You never know when you won’t have the chance to do it again if you pass up that opportunity now. It can be something as small as ordering your favorite drink or as big as going on vacation.

Take Time to Improve Yourself

While we’re all wonderful people, there’s usually a habit or two that we want to get rid of, or one we want to start up. Take this time to do either or both of those things!
I’m going to be heading back to the gym. Between my anxiety and asthma, I’m not in the best shape. My heart rate is on the high end and I tire easily. I want to be able to enjoy life so much more and not tire out when I’m walking long distances.

I also want to be more confident. This goes along with dressing better and giving makeup a try again. I want to feel as confident as I wish I was. I’ve recently found myself a goal that I want to achieve and it’s made me feel more empowered than anything else before. It’s such a unique feeling when you find something you want and you go for it!

So learn that language, take a course or two online, ditch that bad habit, form a new one, and be your badass self!

Learn Who You Are and What You Want

This is a bit of a loaded statement. But learning who you are and what you want should be things you know before you get yourself in the middle of a relationship. Knowing what you want to do with your life and who you are as a person makes finding and maintaining a relationship so much easier.

I haven’t quite figured out what I want to do with my life, I have an idea, something I’ve been experimenting with with the Single Housewife posts. I’ve also been experimenting with personal style, how I feel about dressing different ways, and overall trying to get a better sense of who I am.

I’ve written multiple posts about things like finding yourself, not knowing what to do with your life in your 20s (it’s okay to not know!), the Ultimate Guide to getting through your 20s, questions you should ask when you don’t know who you are and many more you can check out.

Not knowing who you are can be a scary time, but if you take it slow and figure out which way is best for you to discover who you are (books, journal prompts, blog posts, podcasts, motivational videos, etc.) you should be on your way pretty soon. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always check out my “Start Here” page that gives you links to some of the more useful posts for personal development.

Being Single Isn’t a Bad Thing

Remember that your self worth isn’t determined by whether or not you are in a relationship with someone. If you have friends or family who try to tell you otherwise, please try to ignore them. You are so much more than the relationship you are in.
I understand that as women get older that family will start badgering you about relationships, marriage, and children.

You know your family better than I do, and knowing how to deflect or diffuse these situations is something you have to learn on your own, but you can always just shut down the questions if you want.

If you’re desperate for a relationship, that can cloud your judgement and make you vulnerable to people who aren’t really the best for you simply because you jump at the chance to be in a relationship with the first person who asks.

Make sure you have standards and don’t lower them for anyone! If you want a guy who has a job with a future, don’t settle for anything less. However, if you find your friends and family saying your standards are too high, you might want to have a private conversation with someone you trust to give it you straight and see if that might really be the case. Sometimes we let our fantasies run wild and it might be impossible to find that perfect person.

A lot of women nowadays are looking for men who make more than them, but they are becoming a rarer breed as women are making their way higher and higher in the work place. So you might have to settle for someone who makes a little less than you if they’re good in every other way.

Being Single Should Be The Best Times In Your Life. Here's Why (1)


  • Being single is a badass time in your life. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
  • Take this time to do what you want. That can be as simple as ordering your favorite coffee on weekdays to going on regular spa days or vacations
  • Take this time to improve yourself. Most of us have habits we want to change. Use this time to do that.
  • Learn who you are and what you want. If you don’t know what you want, it’ll be a lot harder to find a partner.
  • Remember, being single isn’t a bad thing. Finding a life partner is a huge endeavor and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

What’s your favorite part of being single? Let me know in the comments!

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