Quarantine Fever: Walking Breaks the Isolation

Quarantine Fever: Walking Breaks the Isolation


Recently I went on a few walks to get myself out of the house as well as some social interaction as I went with a friend to walking area near her. These walks have seriously broken the isolation I’ve put myself in, especially since I’m unemployed and frantically panicking about what happens when unemployment stops. (If you’d like to help out check out my ebook or etsy ecourse)

So, to get through the monotonous day of just laying in bed and occasionally moving to the computer, getting myself not only out of the house, but moving significantly as well, has been great for my mind, body, and soul.

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Quarantine Fever: How Walking Breaks the Isolation


I want to hit up more local parks in my area so I can go out, get some exercise, and take some wonderful pictures. I’m really interested in the picture taking part of things because it’s a hobby of mine that tends to be seasonal as of right now. I only normally take pictures during the college basketball season, so having something to do in the off time is great.


Derby Greenway

I went to the Derby Greenway with a friend of mine. We walked about 3 or so miles in some 78°+ heat with a decent amount of humidity while narrowly avoiding a flock of geese.

This walk was a lot of fun and I recommend everyone go for walks! It’s like I’m had an epiphany about exercise and keeping friendships. It’s great! I got a decent amount of pictures that I can use in pins for my blog! That’s how this all started out. I wanted more unique photos to upload and use for blogging.




Witek Park

We only stayed here for a little while because we got hungry. One of the biggest draws to the park was this adorable little waterfall. However, there had been such little rain lately that the waterfall didn’t exist!

On the other hand I got my favorite picture of the day from there.


Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth park is absolutely beautiful. They have a regular park section but they also have a rose garden and various other gardens where there are so many flowers! There were so many ducks but I managed to grab a photo of one pretty pu close. The flowers were gorgeous but it was very cloudy and I managged to get out of the park right as it started raining.



Walking has helped me immensely. It’s given me something to do and I can’t wait to find more places to go and photograph!


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