A to Z of Me! 28 Questions for my 31st Birthday!

A to Z of Me! 28 Questions for my 31st Birthday!

Stole this from Jordanne from Of a Glasgow Girl and it seemed like the perfect thing to do in celebration of my birthday!

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A. Attached or Single.

Single. Not exactly happy but not exactly sad about it either

B. Best Friend?

Conveniently I have one really good friend, A. She’s been there for me since college and I hope to continue this friendship for a long time.

C. Cake or Pie?

Ooh, this is hard. It depends on the type of cake and pie. Does the pie come with ice cream? Is the frosting of the cake whipped or buttercream?

D. Day of Choice?

Saturday. Who doesn’t like the weekend?

E. Essential Item?

Lotion. I have eczema and if I don’t have lotion my hands get stupidly dry and cracked. It’s not a fun time.

F. Favourite Colour?

Pink or purple. I’ve recently gotten more in touch with my “girly” side and that means I have a new appreciation of those colors.

G. Gummy Bears or Worms?

Sour gummy worms!

H. Home town?

Lyndhurst, NJ. A tiny, little town about a half hour away from NYC.

I. Indulgence?

Right now it’s either ice cream (non-dairy!) or Kinder Bueno bars.

J. January or July?

January. I have some traumas in July and I prefer the colder weather than the heat.

K. Kids?

Not yet. I don’t know how I feel about any in the future. I’m still in the “petrified to become pregnant when I’m not ready” stage of my life.

L. Life is not complete without…?

Writing. I wouldn’t be me without my ability to write.

M. Memory you cherish?

Due to a toxic childhood and blocking out a lot of memories from my life, I don’t really remember much. Though if we’re not talking childhood, I’d have to say my first trip to the NCAA tournament with the Hartford pep band. I met my friend A there as we were paired together in a room, and I was with three guys who did their best to make me feel appreciated and like one of them.

N. Numbers of brothers/sisters?

None. I’m an only child.

O. Oranges or Apples?

Oranges. I’m allergic to apple peels so they’re just a pain to eat. Oranges are just simpler. lol

P. Pet Peeves?

People leaving messes around. I’m trying to learn to live with it, but it drives me crazy. Like, you missed the garbage can, pick up your mess and throw it out.

Q. Quotes?

“One day at a time” I’m an alcoholic.

R. Reasons to smile?

Friends and my blog.

S. Season of choice?

Fall. Hands down, autumn. I would love to move somewhere where it were fall all the time, but I doubt that exists. lol. I love the weather, the temperature, atmosphere, aesthetic… everything. If fall were a person, I would marry it.

T. Tea or Coffee?

Tea is great, but coffee helps me get out of bed in the morning.

U. Unknown fact about me?

Wouldn’t be unknown then, would it??

V. Vegetable?

Do potatoes count?

W. Worst habit?

I went from restriction to binge eating, and my lack of vegetables in my diet.

X. X-Ray or Ultra-sound?

I’ve had both and don’t really prefer one over the other. However, if it’s for a kidney stone I prefer they do an x-ray so it’s more definitive.

Y. Your favourite trip?

That NCAA trip to Louisiana my freshman year.

Z. Zodiac sign?

I’m a virgo and I kind of secretly love horoscopes. I feel I fall into the virgo personality pretty damn well.


That’s it! Hope you enjoyed these facts about me. Thanks for reading!


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