Funky Farms Gelato: Review

Funky Farms Gelato: Review

I’m back again with another CBD review!

I’ve been sucking on my CBD vape for the past few months because unemployment will really do that to a person. It’s been a wild ride, especially after I bought a cart at a local vape store that I felt a bit fishy about that turned out to be right. I found some reviews online that, while completely anecdotal, did not spell good things.

And between a USPS mishap and me running out of juice in my vape cart, I ran to my local vape store (Artisan Vape Shop) to get me a new cart and some gummies to tie me over.

I found myself with the options of two Funky Farms flavored carts: Gelato and Mint Chocolate.

This was a simple choice as I hate mint!

So how does this product hold up compared to some of the others I’ve encountered?

You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

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Funky Farms Gelato

I’ve come across this brand a few times online, so I knew it was a genuine company.

One of the biggest issues with CBD is because it’s not regulated it’s very easy to find yourself with bad CBD carts that are mixed with extras that aren’t needed, or, in the case of the anecdotal evidence I found about a cart I bought, might even be mixed with synthetic marijuana.

So the colorful camo-looking boxes were a sigh of relief.

Especially since the store also sold MLM products, that’s usually not a good sign for me. They’re usually very over priced and not worth the money in the first place. But that’s another story.

I forgot to take a photo of the box before I threw it out, so have a picture from their official website.




Online on the Funky Farms website, they’re listed at $29.99, which is pretty standard for a CBD vape cart. You can also buy this in a single cart or a set of 9 for $254.99, because why not?

I don’t remember what I paid for exactly at the store I went to, but it couldn’t have been much more or less than what’s listed on their site.

For the amount of CBD you’re getting per volume, this is a pretty good price point. If you’re just staring out this could be a good product to try.

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Compared to some of the other CBD products I’ve used, this has a pretty good taste. I don’t really taste the hemp, but I also don’t really taste “gelato” either. I guess it’s because gelato isn’t a scent or taste my brain can easily pick out compared to something like grape or strawberry.

But the taste is pretty good. I don’t mind vaping it and that’s always a plus in my book!

To me, I don’t get a powerful flavor profile. This could be because my senses are dulled, or it could be the product itself. Though, I feel it’s more on my end as other reviews talk about the sweet flavor it has. To me it’s a slight sweet cream taste. And I mean slight.

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The effects are pretty solid.

Considering my last CBD vape cartridge was mediocre at best, this was a pleasant surprise to have afterwards.

The cart is 350mg according to the box, which is a bit more than the average of 250 mg I’ve come across. Which is good, because I won’t go through it as quickly, though I do have a spare in the waiting that’s also going to be reviewed in an upcoming post!

According to the website, this is a full spectrum vape, which I’m not exactly a fan of. This is a personal choice that my brain decided I was going to have a hard line on. But I can’t be picky with what is available to me, so I’m slowly warming up to the idea of it.

However, this is mixed with MCT oil. Depending on your opinion of fillers like this, you may or may not like the idea. With only MCT oil as a filler I’m fine with it, but when there’s multiples that’s when it becomes a problem for me.

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I used CBD mostly for anxiety, and with that, my sleep.

My anxiety tends to make it harder for me to fall asleep, and when I do eventually fall asleep, I wake up multiple times a night.

With this CBD I have definitely slept a lot better than without.

I recently had to go without CBD for a few days because I was given a job offer that required a drug screen. Because there is up .3% THC in CBD products listed as full spectrum, you are never 100% certain you’ll pass a drug test. I aired on the side of caution and stopped for a few days.

Getting back into vaping my CBD again has been a wonderful feeling. I’ve missed the feeling of being more in control of my life. And I definitely can’t wait to have better nights sleep.

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Overall Thoughts

I consider this brand to be in the top of the middle of CBD brands.

I didn’t feel like anything spectacular happened, but I also didn’t have any issues with it like I did the last cart I tried.

I would definitely recommend this brand to those starting out with CBD vaping, and will most likely buy from them again in the future given they have other flavors in stock. I’m always looking to give other flavors a try.


Have you tried Funky Farms before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!



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