Blue Moon CBD Gummies: Review

Blue Moon CBD Gummies: Review


When I picked up my latest CBD cart I also picked up some gummies!

I’m always looking to try new CBD products to see how they work, so picking up the gummies was a no brainer for me.

The last set of gummies I picked up worked relatively well, so I didn’t think I’d have any problems with these. Especially because the shop attendant told me that they’re infused with the CBD, not coated, which I think might have been the case with the Mile High Cure gummies.

So, how do I like these gummies? Keep reading to find out.

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Blue Moon Hemp CBD Gummies

These gummies came in a variety of shapes, which was surprising to see. They had gummy worms, gummy bears, and gummy rings. All in the same package!

It’ a 2oz package, which is a decent amount of gummies. The package says it’s 250mg, which is the total amount of CBD in the bag, according to their website.




The taste of the gummies isn’t that bad, but there is a kind of after taste that I just can’t pin point. It’s not as bad as gummies I’ve had in the past where only the lemon flavor masked the hemp taste, but there is a hint of “something is different” about them, so you can tell they’re not just regular gummies.

However, the lemon flavors do tend to hide and after taste a bit better than the others. I think it’s just the strongest flavor profile that can compete with the hemp flavor.

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This was interesting because when I take CBD via vaping I don’t get as tired. However, these gummies made me pretty tired, and since I was trying to space out the recommended 4 maximum gummies per day, I was taking some in the afternoon. While I don’t mind an afternoon nap on occasion, I can’t do that much longer as I’m starting a new job soon.

The biggest thing I look for in CBD effects is the calming ability. With my anxiety, I look for something to help me with my thoughts going out of control. While the gummies did kind of do that, it was mostly due to making me tired. If I wanted to feel tired I would have just taken some benadryl.

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The one thing I noticed is that I wasn’t getting as good of a night’s sleep as with my vaping. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t.

I was still waking up multiple times a night, though it wasn’t as many as it would have been without. So, it kind of worked but not as well as some other CBD products have in the past.

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I don’t have the receipt to tell you exactly how much I paid for these, as I bought them from a physical store and not online from their website. But, their website has them listed at $19.90, which isn’t a bad price for the amount of gummies. I had at least 3 days worth of gummies in my bag, however they do say each bag contains about 8 gummies.



Overall Thoughts

These were an interesting buy, but I wouldn’t be buying these again.

For whatever the reason, my sleep wasn’t as good as it was on other products, so I’ll stick with those instead. I also didn’t like how it just made me tired instead of calming me down like other products have done. And I made sure I picked the bag without melatonin in it so I could take them during the day as well as at night.

This could just be due to my digestive system being a bit screwy, so whatever.

But I couldn’t overlook the other symptoms like the being tired. I drink coffee every morning to get me going because my depression has me more tired than usual, so I don’t need something making me even more tired.


Have you tried these gummies before? Let me know what you thought in the comments!


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