Self Care Gift Guide 2020

Self Care Gift Guide 2020

It’s wouldn’t be the Christmas season without a gift guide!

This gift guide is all about self care, so if you have someone in your life that values self care as part of their daily routine, this is for you!

What’s on this year’s self care gift guide? Keep reading to find out.

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Weighted Blanket

I put this on a lot of gift guides, and it’s on my own Christmas list as well.

Weighted blankets are a fantastic self care gift. They help with sleeping so much, it’s really unbelievable. I bought a weighted blanket a few years ago and it’s been the best thing for my sleep!

Weighted blankets add weight on top of you while you sleep. Its’s incredibly comforting and I can’t sleep without it now. I actually dragged it along on my vacation last year in its own duffle bag because I literally can’t sleep without it.

This is a great self care gift because sleep is such an important part of our lives. If you’re not getting proper sleep then it can screw up a whole lot of things like:

  • memory issues
  • trouble thinking and concentrating
  • mood changes
  • accidents
  • weakened immunity
  • high blood pressure
  • weight gain

So to avoid all that you need a good night’s sleep! Consider getting your loved one a weighted blanket this year.


CBD Products

To go along with the weighted blanket, CBD can also help with sleeping issues.

I have anxiety and CBD has been incredibly helpful for me in tandem with my prescription medication. It helps me get everything under control. And one of the biggest benefits is sleep aid.

CBD has been studied with sleep tests and it has at least one study that proved CBD was helpful for at least some of the participants. 66.7% of participants saw better sleep with CBD.

So if you know someone who’s been having trouble sleeping, maybe gift them some CBD this Christmas.


Eye Mask

To go along with the sleeping theme, eye masks are a fantastic gift for anyone.

If you can’t make your bedroom super dark to fall asleep, the next best thing is to cover your eyes the most you can, and an eye mask is the thing for you!

I use an eye mask and have used one since college. I can’t really sleep without it. There are lights right outside my apartment so even with the blinds down, light still shines through. I like it super dark so I opt for an eye mask.

They make some pretty fancy eye masks out there, so don’t think this is a throw away gift! They make eye masks that mold to your eyes so it blocks out the light better.


Heat Buddy/Heating Pad

Heating buddies are becoming a more popular thing. They’re little plushie-like animals filled with rice or a substance that retains heat that you can put in the microwave and they keep you warm. They’re great to cuddle or use as a heating pad for certain areas.

Or you could just get them a heating pad in general. I have one that contours to my shoulders since that’s where I usually need the most heat. They make so many kinds of heating pads out there.

These products can help in reducing stress and any aches and pains you may have going on. I know I keep all of my stress in my shoulders and since I can’t go get a massage every month wearing a heating pad a few nights a week can really help.


Face Masks

Just because some self care isn’t going to be beautiful doesn’t mean it can’t be!

Face masks, and good ones at that, are a great self care gift for someone who enjoys relaxing while giving their skin some extra love. I don’t use them often, so it makes travel sized ones a great gift. I can try out multiple products that I know are going to work without accidentally leaving them for so long they go bad.

Places like Sephora and Ulta have great options for face masks. You can get some great skin care for a good price, and with Christmas sales, it’s a win-win situation!


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Bath Bombs

On the same note, bath bombs are a great self care gift for those looking for a way to relax in the tub. I would highly recommend you make sure the gift recipient actually has a bathtub before you buy them bath bombs.

They are supposed to help with relaxation along with adding either scents or oils to the bath that can enhance the experience.

My bathtub is too shallow for a good tub soak, so I don’t use them. However, my previous roommate loved them. Her favorite places was Lush. They have tons of bath bombs.

However, I will give a warning. If the gift recipient has a sever pollen allergy, I would steer clear of Lush. Those with pollen allergies have a higher change of being allergic to “all natural” products because we’re allergic to the nature it’s made out of.


Skin Care

Like face masks, skin care is also a great self care gift. You have so many options to choose from!

You can go with serums, oils, toners, lotions, etc. There really is an endless amount of options for you out there.

See if you can figure out their skin type or find products for all skin types. They do exist and there are tons of choices.

Again, places like Sephora and Ulta are a great place to start. High end skin care is going to be a bit pricey, but usually it’s worth it. See if they have a favorite brand that they can’t always buy and find something from them.


That’s this year’s self care gift guide! Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!


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