Why You Need to Absolutely Enjoy the Little Thing in Life

Why You Need to Absolutely Enjoy the Little Thing in Life


The world is becoming more and more hateful, at least from what I’ve seen. People are always angry about something, and they’re taking it out on people who may not have anything to do with the problem. I know the lockdowns have been a factor in this. You can only force people into lack of socialization for so long before they start to boil over and start getting angry.

Humans are social creatures, and not having the ability to socialize with others, especially in person, it really wreaks havoc on our psyche.

The recent cancel culture, callout culture, and the political divide has seemingly cause more people to see the world in black and white, with an us v. them view on the world.

It’s causing a lot of problems. It seems whenever I go on social media all there is is hate flowing through the internet. People are less inclined to talk to people with opposing views, and view them more as evil or the “enemy”.

We need to have more positivity in life and embrace more of the little moments in life that make it much more worth living for.

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Why You Need to Absolutely Enjoy the Little Thing in Life

I don’t want to get into politics because that’s a can of worms I don’t want to open. However, all I’m going to say is that we really need to start conversing with people from the opposing side of things instead of just screaming at people. When was screaming at people ever a good idea to get your opinion across?

I spent my entire childhood being yelled at instead of talked to. It really didn’t do anything to foster any kind of relationship with my parents, nor did it convince me they were in the right, even when they were. It just made me angry that they weren’t bothering to listen to anything I had to say.

The world is slowly being overcome with hate and I want to try to talk about the positives!

I know, this is unusual for me. I’m normally a pessimistic person due to my upbringing. But, I’m tired of being sad, or angry, or upset at things.

We need to combat the hate with conversation and positivity.



Think Positive

I have a book titled “The Power of Positive Thinking” which I really need to give a read again. It’s been years since I’ve read it, but it’s something I think I and many other people could use right now.

It talks about manifesting the positive by thinking positive, at least, that’s what I can remember.

It’s like the idea of smiling until you’re happy, or actually smile without forcing yourself. When you think positive thoughts, you’re more likely to encounter positive things in life.

If you’re constantly thinking about a yellow car, it’s a lot easier to find a yellow car.

If you’re constantly thinking positive thoughts, it’s a lot easier to have those positive experiences.

Emotions are contagious! When you’re sad you’re more likely to be sad and to present that vibe to the people around you. But, when you’re positive you’re more likely to encounter and spread the positivity you’re feeling.

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Focus on the Little Things

I have a hard time focusing on the little things because the bigger things tend to take up my life. One of those things is money.

Money is a huge part of life, it’s how we survive in the world by paying bills, making sure we have a roof over our heads, and it gives us the ability to purchase or partake in things that will make us happy outside of the necessities.

Right now, I make a tiny bit more than I was at my previous job, but it’s still not enough to live on my own. I live with roommates I kind of clash with, as our ideas of cleanliness are very, very different. When I was living alone I didn’t embrace how fantastic it was to live by myself. I didn’t focus on how great it was to not have to worry about other people’s problems and mess.

I regret that now.

But I’m working on trying to find a better job so I can have the time, energy, and money to enjoy the little things in life.

However, I do enjoy some of the little things in my life like writing in my journal and having a weekly Stardew Valley session with a friend of mine who lives a few hours away. I cherish those moments because they mean a lot to me.

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You absolutely need to enjoy the little things in life. They're what make life worth living. Click here to read more


Slow Down

I know this can be a hard thing to do, as I’m still working on it myself, but slowing yourself down is a great way to appreciate the little things in life. It makes sure you’re not rushing by and missing those moments in the first place!

I come from a family where everything needed to be done yesterday, so I’m used to rushing to try and get everything done as soon as I can. It also probably had something to do with the expectations of needing things done so quickly that I’ve developed the habit of running rampant instead of taking it slow.

I’m sure there are many moments I’ve missed because I’m constantly rushing around trying to get everything done. But, then what?

I’ve noticed this with my work. I rush to get things done, but then I run out of things to do halfway through the day. There’s no need for me to speed call people for appointments if I can take my time and make sure there are no errors in any of my work. There’s been quite a few times I’ve forgotten to remove the “insert name here” tag an email and I’ve felt embarrassed about realizing that later on.

But sometimes you need to just stop yourself, reassess, and continue at a slower pace. Working fast might get your work done sooner, but it’s also going to give you more errors.

The same goes for life. If you spend your days rushing around going from place to place, you won’t be able to enjoy the simple things like your favorite song on the radio. You might get from point A to point B, but that’s all you did. You missed the moments that could have happened, or probably did happen, in between.

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