5 Cleaning Products You Need in Your Life Right Now

5 Cleaning Products You Need in Your Life Right Now


I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t mind cleaning, but it has to be my own messes. So, I kind of enjoy making everything clean after it’s been left for a while.

I love the smell of cleaning products and that probably reflects itself in this list, and I’m sure there are going to be people out there who are looking for more eco-friendly products, but this list is full of products that are going to smell like you walked into a chemical plant… mostly.

So, I apologize to those of you out there who are looking for a more eco-friendly list. If you have any products you like that you think I should try out in place of the ones that I already use, I absolutely recommend you let me know in the comments! Maybe they’ll be my next new favorites!


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5 Cleaning Products You Need in Your Life Right Now

Cleaning is an integral part of our lives whether we like it or now. We have to do it or our living spaces will become quite the mess.

I love the scent and feeling of a clean space, whether that be a freshly disinfected bathroom to a newly cleaned kitchen. There’s something about cleaning that makes me feel better about myself. When my space is clean I feel productive.



1. Clorox Gel Bleach

I’m a huge fan of the gel bleach. There’s no splash, it’s easier to control when cleaning or using to clear out grout in your kitchen or bathroom, and it’s just a great consistency overall.

Bleach is an integral part of my cleaning that I do every so often. I don’t clean with bleach all the time, but when I do a deep clean, you bet your butt bleach is going to be involved to make sure everything is especially disinfected after it’s been cleaned.

I know there’s a lot of kick back about bleach, but as someone with various medical problems, making sure things are properly disinfected has been engrained in my head since I was a kid. If you have a more eco-friendly or better alternative you think I should use, definitely let me know. I’m more than open to giving other products a shot.

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2. Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Spray

I love the way this product is used. It comes out as a foam spray so you can make sure you cover every inch of your shower is covered.

And because it’s scrubbing bubbles, it bubbles up and scrubs just nicely. I love it because it makes my shower squeaky clean so I don’t end up with soap scum or anything else.

I’m big with mold and mildew because I’m allergic to mold, so having mold in my bathrooms is a biiiig problem for me. My current apartment I’m sharing with a roommate and the room ends up a lot more wet that it would be if I was living on my own. We also take showers usually at opposite times so the bathroom feels like it’s always wet, the prime environment for mold and mildew.

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3. Method Anti-Bac Bathroom Cleaner

I love this for more day-to-day cleaning than for a bigger deep cleaning of the bathroom. I use this most days to wipe down the counters and toilet on a daily or weekly basis. It’s not that harsh, it’s from a more eco-friendly brand, as far as I’m aware, and it smells fantastic!

My roommate is a bit messy, so the counters are usually left wet, covered in hair, and other things you don’t want on a bathroom sink counter.

It also smells like mint, which is a fantastic scent to have in the bathroom. I even have a mint scented plug in that I use in the bathroom to make it smell cleaner all the time.

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4. Dish Soap and Vinegar Mixture

This is my favorite DIY kind of cleaning product.

I use a mixture of dish soap, vinegar, and water to clean the counters in my kitchen daily. My roommates are pretty messy so I end up cleaning the kitchen counter on the daily just because I don’t want food scraps, spices, or spills on the counter.

I also like it because it’s not as harsh of a chemical to use in the kitchen around food and cooking utensils.

I have my spray mixture in an old Mrs. Meyer’s all purpose spray bottle. In fact, I only started doing the vinegar mix because I didn’t want to go out and buy more of the spray so I used what I had in my house. Turns out vinegar is a great cleaning product!

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5. Baking Soda and Vinegar

I use this as a DIY drain clogger.

My roommate and I both have long hair, and anyone with long hair knows that hair is any drain’s worst enemy.

Hair and stuff can get stuck in the drains causing clogs, and most de-clogging concoctions are super chemically and can be harsh on your skin if you accidentally get any on it. I mean, it makes sense, most drain cleaners tend to break up the clumps and clogs.

Baking soda and vinegar, also known as your 2nd grade science fair project, works through chemistry by pushing the clog away.

I’ve found it to be good for initial clogs, but not that great once the clog has been going on for a long time. It’s only so powerful.

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One of my favorite things is scent. Scent is such a powerful sense, so having a clean and good smelling home is a fantastic way to boost your mood. I love having a bath and body works scent plug in in both my bedroom and bathroom. I use the mint eucalyptus for my bathroom and a lavender vanilla for my bedroom. I like them because they work as both a scent plug in and a night light.

If you want your bathroom to smell good, mint is a fantastic way to do that! It’s why a lot of cleaners are mint scented. So, even if you don’t use bath and body works plug ins, invest in some kind of scent provider for your home. You won’t be sorry!

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