Removing Social Media from My Phone Changed My Life

Removing Social Media from My Phone Changed My Life


Social media is taking over the world.

It’s almost impossible to get around on sites online without a social media account somewhere. Facebook has made it almost impossible to avoid, especially with their constant acquiring other companies.

But social media is toxic.

Just take a look at Twitter and Facebook recently.

Politics have divided the country and it’s causing so much hate and outrage and I can’t stand it anymore. We need more positivity in our lives.

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Removing Social Media from My Phone Changed My Life

Recently, I removed Facebook and Twitter from my phone. Mostly because I wasn’t really using the apps and they were taking up space on my phone that I needed for other apps I was actively going to use.

My Facebook feed is full of outrage, mostly from people complaining about politics and things that divide.

I have an interesting experience with complaining. Let me explain:

I was a college freshman and was having problems making and keeping friends the first semester. It wasn’t until I was told by someone that all I was doing was complaining that it really hit me.

It dawned on me that most of my conversations really were complaints. I didn’t know how to have a general conversation!

My parents only really complained to me about various problems, so that was our way of communicating. But, that’s not what the rest of the world sees as healthy and proper communication.

I had to actively stop myself from complaining all the time and force myself to have more healthy communication with other people. It was hard at first, but now it’s years later and while I still complain about things to friends (who doesn’t?) but it’s not my only way of communication. I can have conversations now.

So, now that my social media feeds are being flooded with outrage, complaints, and hatred, it’s making me feel more anxiety that I need in my life.

I removed the apps and I haven’t felt better.




I recently was watching a podcast and was outraged about one of the topics they were talking about. I mean, I couldn’t believe what they were talking about was not only real, but being backed by such a powerful person in the country right now. I was flabbergasted at everything overall.

And the first thing I thought about was sharing an article with my outrage to Facebook.

But, when I went to share it I realized that I had removed Facebook from my phone and it gave me time to think about everything. Was it really worth posting this article on Facebook? Was it worth adding to the outrage on my newsfeed?

I slept on it, but ultimately ended up posting it in the morning from my laptop. I felt that the topic was worth it to show my newsfeed what was going on, and to expose what was going on to others who may not know.

I’m probably going to get dogpiled by people saying that the article is all lies or “that’s not what he meant” statements because it goes against the general grain that most people on my newsfeed follow. But I’m willing to get that slack for speaking out against something I believe in.

But I don’t really do Facebook much other than to use the messaging app and to work with my blog. I try to avoid my newsfeed at all times. It’s just full of negativity, outrage, hatred, and hostility.

I barely use Twitter and if I think Facebook is toxic, Twitter is super toxic.

It’s full of people who are just trying to cause the most outrage and it’s absolutely disgusting. I’m thinking of just leaving Twitter altogether.

So, I’m going to be limiting my time on social media. I think most people should. It’s not been very beneficial in general, so why not?


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