Why Don’t I Have Motivation Anymore?

Having motivation is the thing that helps get us up in the morning. It helps us do what needs to be done and maybe even a little more. But if you're noticing your motivation is slowly going down, or is completely missing, you might be asking yourself "why don't I have motivation anymore?" #motivation #motivationloss #productivity #lowenergy

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My Depression Story: Why You Should Listen to Kids

Depression is hell when you're and adult, but what happens to the kids that experience depression? What happens when their symptoms are being ignored because no one wants to believe someone so young can have that serious of a problem? I'm sharing my story of depression that peaked when I was a child. Click Here to read more #depression #depressionhelp #childhooddepression


The Inner Workings of a Millennial Existential Crisis

Now that I'm 30, I'm having an "Holy Crap! I'm 30 and my life is pretty shit!" existential Crisis. So now I'm getting hit with all these feelings and emotions about being so far behind in where I'd at least like to be. So what does this millennial's existential crisis look like? You'll have to continue reading to find out. #existentialCrisis #millennials #personaldevelopment


My Struggles as an Alcoholic

So what are the struggles of a recovering or sober alcoholic? In this post I lay out the things I deal with, not necessarily on a daily basis, but are the reminders that I will always be at the mercy of my addiction.  #addiction #Alcohol #Alcoholism #personaldevelopment


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