Self Care Gift Guide 2020

It’s wouldn’t be the Christmas season without a gift guide!

This gift guide is all about self care, so if you have someone in your life that values self care as part of their daily routine, this is for you!

What’s on this year’s self care gift guide? Keep reading to find out.



5 Steps to Take to Finding Your Inner Calm During the Holidays


The holidays can be a stressful time, even if you’re having fun! Finding your inner calm during the holidays is a big deal if you’re over stressed, over worked, and tire from social interaction easily.

There are a few ways you can find your inner calm during the holiday, and I’m going to go through what I have done in the past. These steps are quick, easy, and able to be done anywhere!



Self Care Ideas for During the Christmas Season

Christmas and the winter holidays are a time where you get to see family you haven’t seen in a while, gather around a table to have some great food, and indulge in the holiday spirit. But with the holidays comes the holiday stress!

Sometimes we just need some good self care during the holiday season. This post I’m going to be listing off my favorite self care ideas for during the Christmas season.




4 Mind Blowing Ways to Incorporate CBD Into Your Self Care

CBD is such a great thing to add to your self care routine! Click here to see my 4 mindbowing ways to incorporate CBD into your self care routine #CBD #CBDselfcare #CBDskincare


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a great way to relax and chill out. It’s also a great thing to incorporate into your self care routine!

What’s better than a self care routine?

A self care routine that calms you, of course!

So, what are my mind blowing ways to incorporate CBD into your self care routine? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.


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Glow Up Routine to Feel Like a Queen

Want to feel like q princes of queen? Try following our glow up queen routine so you're in the best shape you can be! Click here to read more #glowup #glowupqueen


Everyone wants to feel like a princess or queen every now and again, right? What if I told you that you could feel like part of the royal family by doing a few things every day, week, or month? What if I told you you don’t even need to spend hundreds of dollars on lavish treatments or products??

Want to be the next glow up queen? Follow these steps.



What to Do When You Realize You’re on Autopilot

Ever have those days where you look at the clock and notice "OMG. When did it get to be *this* time?!"? You've somehow managed to go through the day without realizing how much time has passed, and maybe even can't even remember what you exactly did for it to get so late. So what do you do when you realize you're on autopilot and you feel like you're wasting your days?


12 Days of Christmas Self Care: Day 2

Day 2: Celebrate the Small Victories

Day 2: Celebrate the Small Victories


Day 2 of the 12 Days of Self Care! This is something I’m pretty bad at myself. I’ve never been good at noticing the “small” victories, but I’m definitely getting better! 

We definitely always celebrate those big victories, like getting into college, getting a new job, losing all that weight, whatever it is. It’s like if it doesn’t make a significant impact in our life we don’t recognize it. But there are so many small things we should appreciate and celebrate!


Here is a list of some daily and more general small victories you can celebrate!



Step-by-Step Self Care Guide

As someone who has anxiety and depression, I've had my fair share of days where waking up was even a problem. I could have used some sort of push to have some self care. Sometimes self care isn't always the most glamorous thing to do, but what needs to be done Click here to read my step by step self care guide to get your day going


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