What to Do When Depression Hits During Christmas

Depression is one hell of a problem. It can come and go whenever it pleases, and sometimes it rears it’s ugly head at the worst times possible.

Enter Christmas morning.

Say you’ve just woken up and you feel absolutely awful. You don’t want to do anything, never mind socialize with family you haven’t seen since last year.

Dealing with depression on a regular day is hard, but dealing with it on a holiday is much worse. There’s so much expected of you when it’s the holiday season. Everyone’s supposed to be cheerful and happy, but when you’re depression has a hold on you, it’s a lot harder to be just normal.

What do you do when depression hits during Christmas? Keep reading to find out!



7 Awful Things NOT to Say to Someone Who’s Depressed


It's not that easy watching someone you care about go through depression. But there are things you shouldn't say to someone who experiences depression. #depression #dontsaythis

There are some things you should NOT say to someone who’s depressed.

Depression is a hard thing to go through. It’s also not that easy watching someone you care about go through a bout of depression. But there are things you should and shouldn’t say to someone who experiences depression. A lot of the times things that you think are helpful will be interpreted differently by someone in the depressive mood.

This post focuses on the things you should not say to someone who’s depressed.



COVID-19 Is Killing Me, But Not In The Way You Think


COVID-19 is killing me.

It killed my job when I had to be let go due to not being “essential” enough to warrant staying on the payroll once shit hit the fan.

It killed my life when I was stuck inside all day and night to the point where I don’t know what to do.

It killed my sanity and mental health as my depression spirals into a new dark place I haven’t been in years because I can’t do anything.

It killed my motivation and desire to do anything.

COVID-19 is killing me.



This is What Depression Looks Like

What does depression look like? Everyone is different, but what it's not is just feeling sad or having a bad day. This is what depression looks like. #depression #whatdepressionlookslike

Depression is something a lot of us go through. It’s also something that’s played up a bit in media. The stereotypes are something that makes me feel bad because I’m not having the same time I’m being told I should.

Depression is a lot of things, but it’s not just feeling sad for a little bit. It’s not just being down for a day or two. Depression has many other symptoms that a lot of people tend to gloss over.

What does depression really look like?



Depression Saved Me From the Virus But Not the Pandemic

This entire virus pandemic has been crazy from the start. My journey with the virus started back in January when I first started hearing about things brewing over in China. My depression wasn’t too bad then, but I’m convinced it saved me from catching it.

However, once things made their way over to the US, my depression started to worsen. I was working remotely for my job for a few weeks, then ultimately was let go due to financial issues because no one’s hiring IT in the middle of the pandemic. I’m not afraid to admit that I cried like a baby when I heard that news. I called up my supervisor and just cried to her. I loved where I worked and was looking forward to going back into the office when everything was done and over with.

So, now I’m dealing with being unemployed during a pandemic. Thankfully, I do have my depression to thank for one thing, it definitely did save my from the virus. However, it didn’t save me from the pandemic.



My Depression Story: Why You Should Listen to Kids

Depression is hell when you're and adult, but what happens to the kids that experience depression? What happens when their symptoms are being ignored because no one wants to believe someone so young can have that serious of a problem? I'm sharing my story of depression that peaked when I was a child. Click Here to read more #depression #depressionhelp #childhooddepression


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