The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with a Job You Hate


Working at a job you hate is exhausting. Usually you’re doing things you don’t like, aren’t good at, or both.

My current position is technically a job I hate. I want out of this job as soon as I can, so I’m taking the steps to do so and things look promising.

Once you realize you’re in a job you hate you have to take some immediate steps to get yourself out of that position and into one you actually like. Depending on how the job market is doing, it might be easier or harder to find a new job. Right now, it’s kind of hard to find a job because a lot of businesses were closed due to the pandemic.

However, companies having to create COVID related teams and taskforces for things that the pandemic have caused in whatever sector they’re in is causing more jobs so it’s balancing out, sort of.

So when you’re in a job you hate you have a few steps you have to take to get yourself out of that position.



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