Is It Okay to Not Know What to Do With Your Life in your 20s?

Finding yourself is something that most, if not all, people go through at some point in their life. Everyone wants to find a purpose for themselves, even if it's something as minor as being happy or having a stable income.  So, what happens if you're in your 20s and you still don't know what you want to do with your life? Is it still okay then? Click here to find out! #Selfdiscovery #lifegoals #lifesdiscovery #personaldevelopment


How to Prevent Burnout While Figuring Out WTF to Do With Your Life

You might be researching all over the internet, taking in every resource you can to give yourself an idea of what you want to do as a career, have as a life goal, or just what you want to do to make yourself happy in the long run. But...If you overload yourself too much, it's going to lead to burn out. So how do you take a break from figuring out your life to recharge enough to get back in the saddle?


What the F*** Do I Do With My Life?!

Figuring out ones place in this world is a huge undertaking! So don't fret that you don't know what to do just yet. People figure out their own place at their own pace. Some people are born knowing they want to be a doctor, while others don't realize their calling until much later in life. So how do you figure out what you want to do with your life? I have a few bits of advice that might just help you on your path to doing just that. #lifeadvice #lifehelp #wtftodo #WhatDoIDoWithMyLife #Life


5 Things to Do to Keep on Top of Your Cleaning

No one likes having to deep clean their entire house or apartment. Usually it's not that fun of an experience. If you don't keep up with some of the more daily tasks, you might find yourself needing more time, more products, and cleaning up more gunk. I'm not perfect with keeping up with my cleaning or tidying, but I try my best. There are some thing you can do daily that can cut down on your weekly or monthly cleaning.


What to Do When You Realize You’re on Autopilot

Ever have those days where you look at the clock and notice "OMG. When did it get to be *this* time?!"? You've somehow managed to go through the day without realizing how much time has passed, and maybe even can't even remember what you exactly did for it to get so late. So what do you do when you realize you're on autopilot and you feel like you're wasting your days?


Revisiting my 29th Year Bucket List at 30

So back when I turned 29 I created a short list of things I wanted to do throughout that year. If you want to read that, click over here: Things I want to Do in my 29th Year Living OR you could check out my revist of that list at the half year mark here: Goals for My 29th Year: Revisited. Now that I'm officially 30, I wanted to look back at the list and see what I did, what I didn't do, and what I can do in the future.


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