Removing Social Media from My Phone Changed My Life


Social media is taking over the world.

It’s almost impossible to get around on sites online without a social media account somewhere. Facebook has made it almost impossible to avoid, especially with their constant acquiring other companies.

But social media is toxic.

Just take a look at Twitter and Facebook recently.

Politics have divided the country and it’s causing so much hate and outrage and I can’t stand it anymore. We need more positivity in our lives.



How Instant Gratification and Constant Media has Affected My Life

I'm a 90's child. I grew up on dial up internet, playing Pokemon on a gameboy, and not being able to use the phone and internet at the same time. I grew up with half an hour being a good download time, and the idea of downloading a whole movie in less than a day was unthinkable.  Now, I get fidgety when things take more than a few seconds to load, where lag and slow internet are the most annoying parts of my day. Having to wait is slowly becoming more and more unacceptable.  So what happened?


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