Grove Collaborative Product Review

Grove Collaborative Product Review


Grove Collaborative Product Review

A little while ago I came across and made my first order at Grove Collaborative. I also promised a full review of the products after I had time to test them, and here we are!

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Mrs. Meyer’s – Multi-Surface Cleaner


I never thought I would need a multi-surface cleaner. It was never something I grew up with using so I never bought it myself, but OH MY GOD. Apparently I needed this in my life on so many levels!

I’ve been using this for so many things! I’m constantly cleaning up my kitchen so I’m always wiping away stuff on my stove, or spills on the counter. It’s amazing. It’s probably one of the most used products out of the box.


Method – Toilet Cleaner

I use this multiple times a day. As someone with IBS, it’s always a good thing to keep up on toilet duty. I love that it doesn’t have a chemical cleaner smell. It smells like mint, which is a bit strange to smell coming out of a toilet, but I’ll take it.


Grove Collaborative – Replaceable Head Dish Brush


I wasn’t really going to use this because I had a brush for my dishes already, but on a whim I gave it a shot and, again, I absolutely love it. It’s made washing the dishes so much better, though the one down side to it is because of the way it’s placed, I have to use my bottle brush for cups and mugs because the Grove Co brush doesn’t feel like it gets everything.


Mrs. Meyer’s – Hand Soap


I changed out my previous hand soap in my bathroom for this. It’s been an interesting switch. I’ve found I’m washing my hands more, which I really didn’t think could happen, but apparently I could. It’s not like most soaps, as it doesn’t really lather up, so if you’re not used to that you might end up using more than you need just to see the soap bubbles. The scent isn’t overly lavender, and honestly, I don’t really notice it as much. But that could be that I have a minty fresh toilet and eucalyptus smelling shower overpowering the soft scent from the hand soap.


Grove Collaborative Product Review


Method – 8x Laundry Detergent (50 Load)


I started using this during my last laundry day. I don’t have overly dirty clothes so I can’t tell you how it will hold up with grass stains or whatever happens when you leave a toddler alone for more than a minute, but overall I like it.

As someone with sensitive skin, finding laundry detergent that I know won’t cause any problems is always a plus. And with Grove Co’s prices, it’s not bad at all.


Mrs. Meyer’s – Dish Soap


I had been using my local Aldi’s version of the blue Dawn dish soap up until I swapped it out for this. I love this smell so much I even got a room spray with it! Add in the brush, this makes washing dishes slightly less evil on my scale of least favorite household chores to do.

I was wary that it might not do as well with getting through grease like Dawn would, but I haven’t really had a problem with it yet. And it smells amazing. Have I mentioned how much I like how it smells?


Method – Daily Shower Spray


I use this every time I take a shower. I’m a bit weird when it comes to showers and keeping them clean… Living in a college dorm I’ve had my fair share of moldy, gross showers, so I’m keen on keeping things extra clean.

I’m also really good at getting conditioner residue and other bits of product on the tub, so being able to spritz that stuff away is great. And remember that old dish brush I said I was using? It’s now found a home in my bathroom as the shower brush.



Final Thoughts

Overall? I love the products. Out of the one’s I’ve reviewed I probably won’t be ordering the hand soap again. It wasn’t something that wowed me to the point of wanting to keep buying it instead of heading to my local Trader Joe’s for their lemon scented stuff.

I’ve already ordered refills on the shower spray and toilet cleaner, so that shows how much I love that stuff. I’m going to have to check the price of the replacement head for the bamboo brush to see if it will be worth it, but I’m liking what I see so far.

9/10 Would order most things again.


My First Thoughts on Grove Collaborative

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