Mini Autumn Haul

Mini Autumn Haul

Mini Autumn Haul

Because I love Autumn so much, I kind of went on a bit of a shopping spree. I picked up a few things that would add the autumnal atmosphere to my life without needing decorations. Here’s my mini haul of what I bough.

TJ Maxx



I picked up some candles that have been featured in other blog posts, and posted on my Instagram, but I can’t get enough of them. Smell is a big thing for me when I try to relax and feel one with myself. And considering I identify with autumn so much, having the scents of apples, pumpkins, spices, and other fall related scents flowing throughout my apartment makes me so much more comfy and cozy.


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Mini Autumn Haul





Yeah, I bought another candle. But hear me out, it was on clearance for $2.54! I picked up a Glade apple cider scented candle while perusing the aisle for cleaning products. Turns out room sprays and candles are lumped in that section in my local Target. 


Febreeze Car Air freshener

If my apartment is going to smell apple crisp, you bet your ass my car is going to, too! I don’t normally buy air fresheners or the clip-ons for air vents, but because I have an upcoming 7 hour drive to Virginia at the end of the month, having my car smell pumpkin spice filled will hopefully help make that 7 hours less tiring.


Dish Soap

My original intention at Target was dish soap. I was running low on the Mrs. Meyer’s Lemongrass scented dish soap I got via Grove Co. (read my review about things here) and wanted a replacement. I found that Mrs. Meyers has season scents and apple cider is one of them. As my favorite of the three choices (apple cider, pumpkin, mums) I added that to my basket and went on my way. So not only will my apartment and car smell nice, so will my dishes after a good scrub. 🙂


What do you think of my mini autumn haul? Do you have any other autumn scented or autumn inspired items you think I should try? Have a favorite you want to share? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. cjwaterfieldart

    Autumn just smells as looks so good, I need an Autumn haul now 🙂

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