6 Things I Learned After 2 Years of Blogging

6 Things I Learned After 2 Years of Blogging

Blogging is a huge world and there isn't always one way to blog. These are 6 things I learned after blogging for over 2 years. Click here to read more #blogging #blog #TIL #TILblogging

Little Miss Short Stuff started out over 2 years ago. I’ve learned a lot from blogging and I wanted to share with you my favorite things I’ve come across.

Blogging is a huge world and there isn’t always one way to blog. What works for one blogger might not work for another. There are so many variables and I’m by no means an expert in the blogging field. I personally think I could be doing so much more for my blog but I have the procrastination bug.

I hope the things I talk about can be helpful for you!

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6 Things I Learned After 2 Years of Blogging

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I started blogging because I knew I wanted to help people and I knew I was decent at writing. So I put the two together and started blogging way back in high school, I think. It wasn’t until after I was in college that I took blogging more seriously. Blogging also wasn’t really seen as something people could do for more than just fun back then either.

This is the third blog I’ve had that had any real life to it. Every time I get started on one I tend to get burned out and then avoid blogging for months at a time and I feel I have to shut everything down because I’ve let myself down.

I’m determined not to do that this time.


Blogging is What You Make of it

This is something I’m still in the process of learning from my blogging, but it really is an activity that is what you make of it. If you put the effort into it and love it and grow it, you’re going to be more successful than someone whose heart isn’t in it right.

This is why I’m big on burning out because once you burn out you don’t have that drive and motivation to do anything with your blog.

Think of blogging as a child. Some days are going to be hectic, some days you’re going to have the time of your life, and if you don’t take care of that child you’re going to probably get a call from social services.

While there is no blogging social services, you will have to live with the feeling that you let this thing that you wanted to start and grow at one point, slowly wither and die.

If you put the minimal effort in, you’re going to get the minimal effort out. Unless you create something that goes viral, you can expect that what you put in you’re going to get out.


Start With Self Hosted

Future you will thank you that you decided to start with a self hosted. I decided not to do that because I wasn’t sure I was ready to be serious about blogging just yet. You might be thinking the same thing. I spent 2 years blogging on a free platform and while it was fun, it caused a bit of a pain later on.

I started my previous blog as self hosted straight away and it was a wonderful experience. However, I definitely overpaid for things (it’s best to shop around for services! I currently use Siteground) so I didn’t want to do that again. Especially as someone being underpaid at my job at the time, I didn’t want to and didn’t really have the extra funds to just purchase things at the time.

But to prevent problems in the future, start with self hosted.

It’s so much easier, there’s no migration issues, and you’ll be miles ahead of those who had migrate because you’ll be familiar with the platform. If there’s one thing you take from this post, take what I learned from blogging and go self hosted from the beginning.

Don’t be me. If you want to give blogging a try, but don’t think you’ll ever want to take it seriously then a free blog is good. If you think at any point you might want to take things seriously, sell a product/course/etc. or even do sponsored posts or have affiliate links, go straight to the self hosted.



I’ll Do Things for Others, Just Not Myself

This is a personal thing I discovered about myself. I learned I have no problem doing things for other people, but if I have to do that same thing for myself I’ll struggle to get started.

For example, I don’t mind helping others clean up. I honestly wouldn’t mind starting an organizing company at some point if I was more knowledgeable about that kind of stuff. But when it comes to my own house, I have to be in very specific moods to clean and organize.

Another example is social media. I worked as a Social Media Coordinator which basically meant I got to plan out all the social media posts 2 weeks at a time. While I don’t mind doing that for work, when it came to this blog, I could never really get started.

I learned from blogging that I have an innate want to help others instead of myself. While this is a great trait to have, it’s the “instead of myself” part that’s become a problem.


Pinterest is God

After 2 years of blogging I learned that Pinterest is God.

It’s a pain in the ass sometimes, but it rules over the blogging world, especially as a younger blog or less experienced blog who isn’t an SEO expert. Pinterest is a fantastic way to get your content out to other people and see what others are writing about in your field.

I was skeptical of Pinterest at first and didn’t really think it was worth it that much. I was also trying to focus on every social media platform at once.

However, it took quite a few articles and posts telling me that Pinterest really was the real deal when it comes to blogging to finally give it a real go. I started out manually pinning then switched over to Tailwind, the official Pinterest scheduler and I couldn’t be happier.

I get to schedule out pins in advance so they can go out when I’m normally working, doing other things, and sleeping. If you want to give Tailwind a try, use my referral link and get a free month of Tailwind!


You Will Burn Out

This is something I learned from blogging very early on in my career. If I don’t feel I’m doing all that I can or that I’m up to my own standards, I tend to burn myself out trying to reach that level of whatever it is. It could be posts you have scheduled, posts you have in reserve, social media posts, to even just trying to figure out how to grow.

Everyone needs a break every once in a while, and there’s no exception in blogging.

There might be times when you need to take a day or two away from things, or you might find that you need to take weeks or even months away. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I know some people might think it’s a bad thing to let go of it for such a long time, but if your mental health or physical health is declining or blogging is making things worse, giving things a good break can be exactly what you need.

It’s very possible that you will come back to things feeling refreshed, energized, and have a lot of post ideas to boot!


Blogging is a huge world and there isn't always one way to blog. These are 6 things I learned after blogging for over 2 years. Click here to read more #blogging #blog #TIL #TILblogging


Don’t Try to Do Everything at Once

There are a lot of things that come with blogging you might not think about like SEO management on posts, social media posts, marketing, etc. There’s so much more to a blog than just writing a post.

However, if you try to do all of those things at once, you’re not going to get very far. You’ll be spreading yourself too thin. Even when it comes to one subject, they break down even further.

Take social media management and creating social media posts. There are various platforms to choose from. Start with one and work your way up from there.

I learned this the hard way.

I was trying to do all of the social media at a time. Thankfully, I focused first on Pinterest and it’s been a life saver. I’m working on Twitter next. If you want to follow me, check out: @LMSS_BLog



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