Way Too Early Christmas List 2020

Way Too Early Christmas List 2020

Check out this year's way too early Christmas list for 2020! Click here to read what's on my Christmas list this year.

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the way too early Christmas list of 2020!

This year I’m putting together a list of all the things I’d like to buy myself for Christmas.

Want to see what’s on my list this year? Keep reading to find out.



Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

I was going to use my stimulus check earlier this year to buy this vacuum but right after I got the check I lost my job. So, I had to cancel my order and I’ve been wanting to buy this ever since.

I live with messy people and lugging a vacuum up and down the stairs just isn’t something I can do since the vacuum I currently have is stupid heavy. I need something lighter to be able to maneuver around the house and clean up all the time.


Kindle Oasis

I’ve been wanting a Kindle for a long time now. I have been decluttering my life and with that a lot of books I either won’t read, haven’t read, or don’t plan on reading in the future.

This looks to be the top of the line Kindle and I rather buy myself one of those than have one that’s obsolete in a year or two. It also looks like I can use it like a tablet as well, which is kind of nice.

It also gives me a bigger screen to watch my Amazon Prime video on while I’m in bed.


Check out this year's way too early Christmas list for 2020! Click here to read what's on my Christmas list this year.


Canon EOS 6D Mark II Digital SLR Camera Body


I’m in desperate need of a newer, better camera. The one I have now I bought used on Amazon and was an older model so I was able to get it for cheaper.

However, because it’s used it has it’s problems.

I also would like something with a higher ISO so I can take better shots on the court. If you don’t know I take photo of Division I basketball in my spare time and sometimes my photos don’t come out right because they’re moving too fast and with the ISO I have set, the shutter speed is too slow to get a good shot.


Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F/2.8

To go along with the new camera body, I would love a wide angle lens. I currently don’t have one and it makes taking certain pictures a pain in the butt.

I don’t have many lenses to begin with and more often than not it’s the lenses that make the photo, not the camera. Although, having a good camera helps a lot too.

I want to get back into taking more photos, so this will definitely help with that.


Weighted Idea Cool Weighted Blanket


I already have a weighted blanket, but it’s incredibly small and the weights tend to stay stuck on one side of the blanket most of the time.

I also like that this is supposed to be cooling, which I need because I overheat way too quickly when I’m sleeping. This one is also bigger than the one I currently have, which would be nice since right now it only covers a small section of my bed.


That’s it for now! Want to be my favorite person forever? All of these items are on my Amazon wish list. You can buy them for me if you’d like. If not, thanks for stopping by!


What’s on your way too early Christmas list this year? Let me know in the comments below!


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