Why It’s Okay to Embrace Your Inner Child Right Now

Why It’s Okay to Embrace Your Inner Child Right Now


Everyone has an inner child. The only difference is that some people try to ignore that inner child and others embrace it.

Growing up I was always told I needed to “grow up” and “be less of a baby” for having certain likes, interests, and hobbies. I was told this by my family.

As a child.

Doesn’t make any sense to me, but I spent a lot of my childhood thinking the things I like and the stuff I was doing was wrong, that I needed to be “more of an adult” and like things adults liked instead of things kids liked. I think this started around as young as 10, but I could be wrong. I don’t have much of a memory of my childhood.

But embracing your inner child, especially as an adult, is absolutely more than okay. In fact, I’d say you probably should do it more often than not!



It’s Okay to Embrace Your Inner Child

I recently met someone who I’ve become friends with, who doesn’t have any idea about this at the time I’m writing this, but has made such a huge impact on my life right now.

Like I said, I spent a lot of my childhood being told my interests and hobbies were wrong, and something someone “my age” shouldn’t enjoy.

But that shouldn’t matter.


Why do adults make it so we have to grow up and be boring? Embrace your inner child! Click here to read more.

Things are created for everyone to enjoy, so why not enjoy them? Unless it’s something age restricted, there shouldn’t be an age limit on when you’re no longer allowed to like something.

So, this new friend of mine is a bit younger than me, but he has pokemon plushies in and around his room. This doesn’t bother me, but in fact was one of the first things that made an impact on me. It made me realize that things like plushies and pokemon don’t have an age limit. In fact, I was the target market for pokemon as a kid, and I still am as an adult.

Those of us growing up in the 90s reminisce about playing the original pokemon games as a kid, or watching the anime on tv. There’s no reason that love or like of the franchise can’t continue with you while you’re older. In fact, you’re not more of a profit now that you have your own cash flow so you can buy things yourself.

Pokemon Go was a huge throw back to those of us who are now adults but who grew up with the franchise as kids. We were the out of shape generation that the company capitalized on to get us moving, exploring more of our community, and making money in the process.

There’s nothing wrong with having interests in things like pokemon. While the games might have become a bit easier over time, they’re still games for everyone to play.

I think with therapy and living my life away from my parents, I’ve finally been able to accept myself for who I am and not worry about being judged for certain things.

I now have an Eevee plushie I bought from Build-a-Bear Workshop. I bought myself and my friend one as they were having a sale on them. I sleep with that thing every night now, and cuddle it when I’m in bed watching YouTube at night. And I’m not ashamed of it.

There’s nothing wrong with having interests in things considered “childish” as an adult and anyone who’s told you otherwise must not like fun.

Child toys and games are all about fun, and if you’re having fun with them, why stop? Having fun isn’t a crime! Embrace your inner child.


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