How to Get More Right Swipes on Bumble Dating App

How to Get More Right Swipes on Bumble Dating App


Welcome to the dating scene of the future: everyone’s on screen and all you do is swipe left or right.

There are many dating apps out there but Bumble is a big hit with people because it turns the traditions of dating upside down. Normally, men are slated to do all the talking and introductions and such, but with Bumble it’s up to the women.

I’ve found it relatively successful, finding a few people to get in touch with that are worth while. But I haven’t found my one and only just yet.

There are a few tips and tricks I have for guys and gals out there who are wanting to get on the app.


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How to Get More Right Swipes on Bumble Dating App

Like most dating apps, you’d think there are some common sense tips and tricks that people would abide by, but you’d be seriously wrong. I’ve come across so many bad profiles it’s absolutely unreal.

Between bad photos and bad profile write ups, I’ve come across way too many people who probably aren’t doing as well on Bumble because their profile sucks.


Put Your Correct Age

Save yourself the hassle of putting “I’m really ‘x age’.” and just put your correct age from the start.

There are too many guys in my sphere who shouldn’t be because they decided to fib their age and pretend to be older than they are. I haven’t really come across guys pretending to be younger, but I don’t doubt they’re out there.

You can email Bumble support to get them to change your age, but don’t be that asshole.

Just own up to your age. You’d be surprised how wide someone’s range could be. Don’t start off a relationship with a lie. That’s a terrible way to get more matches on bumble.

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You Have Limited Text

Unlike some other dating apps, Bumble limits you for how much you can have in your profile. I don’t know the limit for text off hand, but the limit isn’t much. Here’s what my bio says:


Looking for a prince in shining power armor?


I’ll cuddle and watch sports with you.


INFJ, want to be a blogger and homemaker one day. I’ll watch you play video games. Don’t know about kids yet.


fyi, I’m a recovering alcoholic. Currently 6 years sober and counting though!




I wanted to put my basketball team as well but I reached the limit.

So, what you need to do is put the most important information there that you’re going to want someone to know. With my profile I made it clear I’m nerdy, like watching sports, what my career aspirations are, and that I’m a recovering alcoholic. It makes it clear who I am, and the biggest thing for me, that I’m a recovering alcoholic. I’m hoping it’s a great way to get more matches on bumble.

When people ask me for drinks at a bar and don’t specify anything, I know they haven’t read my bio. It’s not that long, so it looks poorly on the guy I’m talking with.

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Fill Out the Questions

One thing Bumble does is ask you questions. They’re there to get more of your personality out there and show more of yourself to the people looking for you.

I think these are incredibly beneficial since Bumble limits the amount of text in your profile. It’s a way to express who you are and have interesting talking points for if you match up!

You can answer up to 3 questions and they have a variety of statements to respond to including “a review from a friend…”, “the pros and cons of dating me are…” and “I get way too excited about…”

Answer these questions, or rather, complete these statements, to optimize your profile for more people to want to swipe right and get more matches on bumble.

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Have Multiple Pictures

Guys are much more problematic with this than girls are, but I put this just because it’s a common theme I find on dating apps in general. Make sure you have not only multiple pictures, but make sure you are visible, front and center, and looking at the camera (at least in most!).

Various angles are great for photos, or if you have a good side, make sure you show that off! What I will suggest is a few don’t’s

  • Don’t always wear sunglasses in your photos. We want to see what you look like and sunglasses hide your face
  • Don’t do all group photos. It’s a pain to try and figure out which person in all the photos are the same. Sometimes I can’t even figure it out
  • Don’t do artsy, up close, or weird photos for all of them. We like to see personality, but we also want to know what you look like.
  • Don’t post multiple photos from the same time. We want to see what you look like from different angles, different times, and different places.


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Navigating Bumble

Now that you’ve gotten tips on how to make your profile stand out, here are a few tips on how to navigate Bumble once you’ve gotten your profile made and you start swiping left and right.


You’re Going to Swipe… A lot

When you first start out, you’re going to be swiping left… A lot.

Don’t let this get you down! I know it did to me for a while because I wasn’t finding people I was attracted to. I was finding attractive people, but they weren’t the people I was attracted to. Sounds weird, but the point is, you’re going to be swiping left a lot.


Look Out For Bots

Where there is internet, there will be bots.

So, make sure you don’t swipe on a bot. Personally, I don’t swipe on anyone with no profile, only one photo, and a combo of both.


Learn to Converse

This can be for both guys and gals. Girls usually talk about how they want interesting and unique intros, and so do guys! So, us girls have to figure out the best kind of opener now that we’re in charge.

This also means you can’t just have a “hey, what’s up. Send nudes?” convo on the other end.

I’ve had guys not know how to hold a conversation and the conversation died out a lot quicker than normal. Something like asking for my number immediately after we match, or asking for nudes or other photos at around the same time means an immediate unmatch for me.



Steph’s Tips For the Best Bumble Experience

  • I won’t swipe on someone with only one photo. They’re probably a bot
  • I won’t swipe on someone with no profile. They’re also probably a bot
  • I won’t swipe on someone if I can figure out who you are (eg. excessive group photos)
  • I won’t swipe if I can’t see your full face (eg. sunglasses, up close shots, etc.)
  • I won’t swipe if I find someone “somewhat” attractive. That just ruins things if we match in the future.


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